Dr. Melanie J. Martin

Professor, Department of Computer Science, California State University, Stanislaus

Department of Computer Science
California State University, Stanislaus
One University Circle
Turlock, CA 95382
Phone: (209) 667-3787; mmartin@cs.csustan.edu

CSU Stanislaus NSF S-STEM Grant PI

CSU Stanislaus LSAMP Campus Coordinator and Program Director
Phone (209) 667-3269

quetzal bird

Courses for Fall 2018:
CS 2950
CS 4100
CS 4410
CS 4960

Courses for Spring 2018:

Math 2300
CS 4010
CS 4980

Student Research:
Data Mining
Fake News


LSAMP Meeting Slides November 8, 2018
LSAMP Meeting Slides October 11, 2018
LSAMP Meeting Slides September 13, 2018

LSAMP Meeting Slides May 3, 2018
Scientific Poster Design from the Cornell Center for Materials Research
LSAMP Meeting Slides April 12, 2018
LSAMP Meeting Slides March 8, 2018
LSAMP Meeting Slides February 8, 2018
LSAMP Meeting Slides December 7, 2017
LSAMP Meeting Slides November 2, 2017
LSAMP Meeting Slides October 5, 2017
LSAMP Meeting Slides September 7, 2017

LSAMP Meeting Slides May 4, 2017
LSAMP Meeting Slides February 9, 2017
LSAMP Meeting Slides December 1, 2016
LSAMP Meeting Slides November 3, 2016
LSAMP Meeting Slides May 5, 2016
LSAMP Fall Semester in Costa Rica
LSAMP Monthly Meeting February 11, 2016
    Cal State LA Bridge to the Doctorate
    Take Charge! Prepare for Your Future Registration
    California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education
    Science Education Equity - Summer Internship Information
    MACES at UC Merced

Math and CS study skills presentation:
CVMSA Workshop
Previous Big Data and Independent Study Courses:
    Slides for 8-16-11
    Slides for 8-18-11
Mathematics and Computer Science Speaker Series

CoS Budget and Planning Committee

Working Group on Health and Medical Informatics

Medical Information Reliability Tester Demo

Reseach, Scholarly and Creative Activities Events

Courses from previous semesters

Summer 2011:

Project FAME

Research Interests

I got my PhD at New Mexico State University. To see my old page.