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California State University Stanislaus

CS 4250: Database Management Systems

Spring 2023

9:30 - 10:45 am, Tu Thu, DBH 104. Dr. Megan Thomas

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Welcome to CS4250, an introduction to database management systems. Topics include:

Modeling, development, and implementation of database systems using storage structures, data definition languages, and data manipulation languages for the relational approach to database management. Database integrity and security problems. Historical development of database systems.

Prerequisite: CS 3100.

Announcements and Upcoming Events

23 Mar 2023 Here is one small chunk of the midterm you will take on Thursday during class time.

21 Mar 2023 From today's in-class discussions:

Homework 2 solutions work

movie "table" decomposition work

"How many jobs are available in technology in the US?" (Computerworld, 10 Mar 2023)

"Best Tech Careers for 2023" (, 15 Mar 2023)

7 Mar 2023 A classmate helpfully found instructions on how to install a VPN for our campus network, which would let you access the CS website from off-campus. See "How do I get access and start using VPN?" here:
Information Security, CSU Stanislaus or skip straight to:
Windows: Global Protect VPN Guide - Windows or
Mac: Global Protect VPN Guide - Mac.

And, just for fun:

"IT jobs in 2023: Look before you leap" (Feb 21, 2023, InfoWorld)

"10 Hardest IT Jobs to Fill" (Mar 1, 2023, InformationWeek)

2 Mar 2023 From our in-class exercise work this week:

Earthquake (qname, qdate, latitude, longitude, magnitude, fault)
Damage(cityID, qname, cost, liveslost)
Cities(cID, cname, latitude, longitude, population) [city names may not be unique]
Questions (in SQL, and relational algebra where possible):
  1. Find the names and dates of earthquakes whose magnitude was greater than 7.0.
  2. Find the average population of all the cities whose names start with "San".
  3. List the lives lost, quake names and city names for all quakes that occurred before 1960.
  4. List the city identifiers and total cost, per city, of all quakes with magnitude greater than 7.0.
  5. List the average magnitude of quakes for each fault (grouped by fault).
  6. List all earthquakes and, where applicable, also list city IDs and lives lost in that city for quakes that affected cities.
  7. List the names of cities whose populations are greater than the average city population.
27 Jan 2023 Career Fair on Wednesday, 3/1, 1:00 PM-4:00 PM, at the Event Center. (Some preparation events before then, to help with resume creation, etc.)
Career Center Events, Spring 2023
26 Jan 2023 Welcome to CS 4250!


Project Overview

Project Part 1 20
Project Part 2 25 + 6
Homework 1 30
Project Part 3 20
Homework 2 30

Books at the CSU Stanislaus Library

The Ramakrishnan and Garcia-Molina/Ullman/Widom textbooks are both available at the university library.

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