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Post Tenure Review (PTR) Policy Information

  1. The Current and 2002-2005 Collective Bargaining Agreements (Note: The sections entitled "Periodic Evaluation" and "Periodic Evaluation of Tenured Faculty Unit Employees" cover most of the rules regarding PTR.)
  2. AAUP Statement on Post-Tenure Review
  3. The Post Tenure Review Policy Produced by the Stanislaus Faculty Affars Committee During AY 2000-2001.
  4. Sam Oppenheim's Suggested Post Tenure Review Policy
  5. The "Hybrid" Post Tenure Review Policy Written by John Sarraille and Richard Savini and Passed by the Stanislaus Academic Senate in AY 2000-2001.
  6. Rationales for the Sarraille-Savini Version of the Policy
  7. A Short Essay on Part of the Back Story
  8. A Letter to CFA about PTR
  9. President Marvalene Hughes' Response to the Policy Passed by the Senate
  10. The Memo Written by Don Bowers Regarding the Policy Passed by the Senate
  11. The Re-write to the Policy that the HR Department Proposed
  12. Sarraille's Responses to the Re-write
  13. April 30 Compendium of Commentary on the Proposal
  14. Some Comments Regarding What the Next Step Must Be

  15. Post Tenure Review Policies at selected CSU Campuses:

  16. Dr. Nancie Fimbel's review of a book on Post Tenure Review