DATE: April 23, 2001
TO: Dr. AlexanderJ.Pandell Speaker of the Faculty
FROM: Marvalene Hughes, President
SUBJECT: Post-Tenure Review Policy

I am in receipt of the Post-Tenure Review Policy approved by the Academic Senate on February 27, 2001. A review of this document has indicated that there may be some compliance issues with regard to the Faculty Collective Agreement currently in effect and that other parts of the document may need clarification.

In order to clarify and possibly resolve these issues, I would like several of us to meet to review the proposed policy and consider some possible changes. If you are amenable to this proposal, I will schedule a meeting with you, Pam Russ, Robert Anderson, Richard Curry and Don Bowers as soon as possible.

I will await your reply before proceeding further.

cc: Dr. Richard Curry
Dr. Donald Bowers