CS 4100, Spring 2023: Class Schedule, Lecture Notes

Note: Schedule is subject to change, please check regularly.

WK Class/Date Topic Book Chapter Assignments Reading
1 Fri 1/27 Syllabus
Why Write?
Ch 1
2 Mon 1/30 Writing and Assignment 1 In-Class Writing 1
Assignment 1
Wed 2/1 Pseudo-code Ch 1 Topic Proposal Guidelines Syllabus and Chapter 1
Pseudo-code slides
Fri 2/3
3 Mon 2/6 Final Project Description
Paper Grading Guidelines
Wed 2/8 Discuss Project and Scientific Writing Technical Writing Slides
Fri 2/10 Pseudo-code and FORTRAN Ch 2
4 Mon 2/13 Fortran slides
Wed 2/15
Fri 2/17 Class was cancelled due to network outage
5 Mon 2/20 Topic Proposals DUE (old)
Wed 2/22
Fri 2/24 Topic Proposals DUE (new)
6 Mon 2/27
Wed 3/1 Reading a Research Paper
VLDB '11 paper (PIQL)
Just in case: VLDB '11 paper
In-Class Writing 2 Ramsay's How to read a research paper
Efficient reading of papers
How to read a CS paper
Fri 3/3
7 Mon 3/6 Topic Presentations Topic Presentation Handout
Topic Presentation Scoring Guidelines
Presentation Schedule
How to demo software
Wed 3/8 Topic Presentations
Fri 3/10 Describing Syntax and Semantics (BNF) / Algol Ch 3, 4 BNF slides
Algol 60 Report
8 Mon 3/13 Describing Syntax and Semantics (BNF)
Wed 3/15 Algol Assignment 2 Algol slides
Fri 3/17 Daily Writing (Assignment 1) Check - Upload to Canvas or show professor during class time. (Professor will be in CS Lab, DBH 288.)
No lecture, to give time to show / view journals as needed.
9 Mon 3/20 Algol
Wed 3/22 Plagiarism discussion
Fri 3/24 Assignment 2 due
10 Mon 3/27 Midterm Midterm review
Wed 3/29
Fri 3/31 School Holiday: Cesar Chavez Day
11 Mon 4/3 School Holiday: Spring Break
Wed 4/5 School Holiday: Spring Break
Fri 4/7 School Holiday: Spring Break
12 Mon 4/10 Visiting speaker in class today! Assignment 3
Wed 4/12 Visiting speaker in class today!
Fri 4/14 Visiting speaker in class today!
13 Mon 4/17 Mini-Peer Reviews (new date, moved from 4/12) Bring two printed copies, 3+ pages each
Upload to "Project_Mini_Draft"
Wed 4/19 Assignment 3 due
(Turn in to Canvas)
Fri 4/21
14 Mon 4/24 Peer Reviews Bring two printed copies
Upload to "Project Draft"
Wed 4/26 Peer Reviews
Fri 4/28 Movie day. (No lecture today, due to professor business meeting.)
Barbara Liskov: The Power of Abstraction
List all papers Liskov discusses and (in your own words) what she believes are the challenges for the future.
Due Friday, May 5th
(hardcopy in class, or Canvas site)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDVAHA0oyJU (1 hr, 16 min)
(Ignore odd, short videos YouTube inserts before actual Dr. Liskov talk)
15 Mon 5/1 Algol
Wed 5/3
Fri 5/5 Block Structured Languages Ch 6 Block S. L. slides
16 Mon 5/8 Pascal Ch 5 Pascal slides
Wed 5/10
Fri 5/12 Warrior Day. No class today.
17 Mon 5/15 Required class-time activity, F2F attendance required.
In addition, Daily Writing (Assignment 1) Check - Upload to Canvas or show professor during class time.
Final Exam
Wed 5/17 Reading Day. No classes.
Monday 5/22 FINAL EXAM
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Bring to Final Exam:
1. Your final project:
  • Final draft of your paper (see below)
  • Hard copy of your paper (optional)
  • All Peer Reviews
  • Your responses to the peer reviews
2. Final Exam

Upload the final version of your project to Turnitin.com (via Canvas) by exam time and email (digital) or hand (physical) copy to professor