CS 4100, Fall 2018

Topic Proposal Guidelines

No two students may work on exactly the same topic. Initiate a "claim" to a topic by uploading your topic proposal to the homework submission system no later than Monday, September 17th. Below are format guidelines:

<Your Name>
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CS 4100
Topic Proposal

<Working Title>

First paragraph: describe your proposed topic.

Second paragraph: discuss which issues you intend to address and emphasize and what you intend to leave out and why.

Additional paragraphs as necessary.

Keep your description focussed on the exact topics your paper will cover. Explaining what Java, parallelism, or a mobile device is, and so on, is unnecessary.

Provide a list of tentative sources in ACM or APA format. (ACM preferred.) You must have at least four sources and they must be reliable (peer reviewed, edited, or primary).


ACM Journals Word Style Guide
ACM Citation Style and Reference Formats


How to Cite Sources, CSU Stanislaus Library (APA Style)
APA Style, Purdue Online Writing Lab

Your claim will be finalized when I approve your proposal; I may ask you for one or more revisions along the way. Topics will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. Submit your topic proposal no later than Monday, September 17th. Some approaches to topic selection include:

1. Start with a problem and look at which languages (often special purpose) are used to solve the problem. Consider the design choices made to facilitate solving this type of problem. Some examples might include a challenge particular to graphics, teaching, robotics, mobile devices, supercomputing, or cloud computing.

2. Look at how an interesting aspect of programming languages is treated differently in different languages. Some examples could include, data sharing, parameter passing, typing, scope, parallelization, or memory management (garbage collection).

3. Look in depth at a programming paradigm, for example logic or rule based languages, describe the design choices and the types of problems for which it is well suited.

Nota bene: DO NOT include web site URLs in your references unless those URLs will work for anyone on any computer. URLs that include libproxy in their text are forbidden -- they work only for you, not for the professor or anyone else.

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