Daehee Kim, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Computer Science
California State University-Stanislaus
Address: DBH 281, One University Circle, Turlock, CA 95382
Phone: (209)-667-3193
Email: dkim AT cs DOT csustan DOT edu, dkim10 AT csustan DOT edu

My curriculum vitae: CV

Hello, my name is Daehee (Danny) Kim. I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science in California State University-Stanislaus.

I received a Ph.D. degree at Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering in UMKC(University of Missouri at Kansas City). I gained a bachelor degree in 1995 in South Korea. I had worked for IT(Information Technology) related companies including IBM for 10 years as a programmer and a software engineer. Then, I came to the USA to learn computer science more. I received a master degree of computer science at SUNY(States University of New York) at Binghamton in 2008.

My research interests include Big data analysis and processing, Computer networking and Cyber security, Cloud Computing, and Internet of Thing (including smart city and smart farm). Researches involve extensive design, deployment, and development of practical solutions for the topics. One of ongoing projects is medical Big data analysis to find correlation between disease (8,000) and genome data (of 22 chromosomes) of 20,000 patients. The other ongoing project is Smart Farm based on Internet of Things that develops holistic solution using sensor devices, data transfer to Cloud through network, analysis and pattern recognition using machine learning in Cloud, data visualization through Web and Mobile Application, and signal system to end users. I published a book, "Data Deduplication for Data Optimization for Storage and Network Systems" based on comprehensive knowledge about network and storage in Springer publisher.

I have taught various courses such as Ecommerce Systems Design, Communication Networks, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Android Mobile Application Development, Data Structures and Algorithms, NoSQL (Non-Relational) Database System, Seminar in CS, and Individual Study. Prior to California State University-Stanislaus, as an Assistant Professor, I taught various introductory and advanced courses such as Object Oriented Programming, Mobile Programming, Computer Network, Network Management, Cloud Computing, Information and Network Security, Database, and Capstone courses in UWSP (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point), Prior to UWSP, as an adjunct faculty, I taught Discrete Structures, Database, Client/Server Programming, Advanced Java Programming, and Web Programming in UMKC and Park University, in Missouri.