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UNIX Reference

In CS1500, and CS2500 I will teach you how to use UNIX. For other higher level classes, you will use your UNIX book, the documentation, the man command, and lots of practice to learn to use UNIX.

[x] Here is a list of basic UNIX commands and tools that are part of UNIX Basic Proficiency. You need to take the book, and practice these commands. If you need help with UNIX:

Read this nice unix tutorial:

Read this nice unix tutorial:


Consult library for UNIX book.

Consult electronic books by O'Reilly Publishing:

Bash shell interpreter tutorial

UNIX Basic Proficiency:

login, logout, pico, lpr

man, mkdir, cd, rmdir, pwd, ls, cp, rm, mv, cat.

tar, sftp, ssh, mail tool.

ps, kill

Using regular expressions to select things of interest:

>ls big*.txt

This will find files: big.txt, bigger.txt, biggest.txt, bigjoe.txt

Directory and file protection explained really well