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  • Office DBH (a.k.a. P Building), Rm. 285.

  • Phone: (209) 667 3872

  • email: [best channel] rsilverman@csustan.edu

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Basic Student Information

  • The Computer Science Department is located in DBH building (aka P building) in North-West corner of the campus, room DBH287.

  • The Computer Science Laboratory is located in DBH building (aka P building) in room DBH288.

Fall 2015

CS4270, Ecommerce Systems Design.

For more info click here or knock on my doors.

CS2700 Assembly language and computer architecture.

CS3740 Computer organization.

CS1500 Programming I. (intro to programming)

Spring 2015

CS1500 Programming I


Java: An Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming (6th or 7th Edition) Paperback, by Walter Savitch. The bookstore will not order 6th edition but for our course, 6th edition is fine and there is plenty of them out there. You have to buy 6 th ed on your own, not from our bookstore.

CS3740 Computer Organization (hardware of computer systems)


Computer Organization and Architecture by Linda Null, 3rd or 4th edition.

The bookstore will not order 3rd edition but for our course, 3rd edition is fine and there is plenty of them out there. You have to buy 3 rd ed on your own, not from our bookstore.

CS4410 Automata Computation and Formal Languages (offered every two years normally) (models of computations) (Theory group).


Required: Intro to Formal Languages and Automata, by Linz, 4th or 5th ed.

The bookstore will not order 4th edition but for our course, 4th edition is fine and there is plenty of them out there. You have to buy 4th on your own, not from our bookstore.

Schedule for the Elective Courses I teach:

  1. Odd years Spring CS4410 Automata, Computability, and Formal Languages (Theory Group) link

  • Prereq for CS4410: Read this carefully. The catalog says you must have CS4100.

  • Updated June 2014. I will let you take CS4410 concurrently with CS4100. It turns out CS4100 course gets full in a jiffy because it is a required course. Plan ahead. If you want to take my course, you must have taken CS4100 or be registered for it concurrently.

  1. Odd years Fall CS4270 ECommerce Systems Design (elective) link

  2. Even years Spring CS4840 Computer Security and Cryptography (elective) link

  3. Even years Fall CS4800 Software Engineering (Practice Group) link

  1. Course on Android, Limited Engagement, CS4950, elective, it was offered in Summer 2014, it may possibly be offered again in Summer 2015. Depends. This is introduction to programming Android applications. Link

Through the
Academic Partner Program, Visual Paradigm offers california state university with the use of VP-UML for educational purpose.

CSU Stanislaus is grateful for the Grant obtained from Visual Paradigm International,

HQ in Laford Center, Kln, Hong Kong.

How to Add my Class and how to Stay in my Class.

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On 2nd class meeting if you are trying to add, please approach me in the beginning of the class so that I can put you on the add list. I will email you to your csustan email the permission number that you will use to register on line.


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