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Raymond L. Zarling

Professor of Computer Science
at California State University, Stanislaus in Turlock, California.

office phone: (209) 667-3015

You may reach me via email at rayz@altair.csustan.edu.
For secure communication, please use my PGP Public Key.

For more information about computer science at CSUS, please visit our departmental home page.

The photo is me, in King's Canyon National Park.

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The Web works precisely because people with a variety of hardware and software can access computers belonging to people with other kinds of hardware and software. To taylor a website to work "best" (or perhaps only!) with one or a few popular browsers is a vote to help the companies that produce them to monopolize the internet, or at best to return to the bad-old-days of incompatible data and applications. The internet is a big step towards ending platform-specific incompatibility. Let's keep it that way!

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Constitutional Rights Corner

The internet has the potential to become either an important instrument of democratic expression or yet another forum for commercial brainwashing or political propaganda. As evidence of the subverting influence, one needs only to look at the powerful forces of repression that have been mobilized to control, muzzle, and ultimately marginalize what happens here. Watch out for rationalizations that claim we need to muzzle free speech to "protect our children" or "prevent crime." If we really believe in the rights of free speech and assembly guaranteed in the US Constitution and time-proven to be cornerstones of democracy, we need to fight censorship now!

For more information about defense of constitutional rights, including free speech, check out the ACLU home page.

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