CS 4840: Computer Security and Cryptography

Fall 2017 - Daily Briefings

Due on the day assigned to you, in class

This is an individual assignment. All work must be your own.

As a future computer security professional, you may be called upon to regularly inform managers at your place of employment of current security risks and what the managers need to do about them. In the spirit of such future work, you will give an informative, 2 - 4 minute briefing to your fellow students, on a topic in computer security.

Students will be randomly assigned class days to give briefings on, starting Thursday, October 5th. If there is a date you wish to avoid, you may email the professor and volunteer for an early date.

What you will do:

On the day assigned to you, you will stand up and give a 2 - 4 minute verbal presentation on your topic. You will also email the professor a one-page outline of your presentation. These outlines will be posted on the class web page, for other students to review and study. (Here are some sample outlines, to remind you what they should look like.)

(Presentations will be given near the start of class. A student presenter may stand next to their desk, if they wish.)

At least four calendar days before your scheduled presentation, claim your topic by emailing the professor with a message stating which SANS newsletter (month, year, title) or famous incident (name, date) you would like to present. Consult the list of already selected topics below before you make your selection, as students are not allowed to present any topic someone else has already picked.

Tuesday briefings will summarize sound security advice from one issue of the SANS Security Awareness Newsletter, OUCH!.

Thursday briefings will summarize famous security incidents of the past. Either select an incident from the list below, or propose an acceptable incident to the professor (early). For this assignment, Wikipedia articles and articles from reputable newspapers will be acceptable sources. If available, articles from KrebsOnSecurity are also recommended.

Questions your presentation should answer:

Security incident presentation:

Security Advice presentation:

SANS Security Awareness Newsletter, OUCH!

Famous incidents you may select to summarize:

Already covered or selected (do NOT pick these):