CS 3500, Summer 2020   Class Schedule, Lecture Notes

Note: Schedule will change, please check frequently.

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DN = Don Norman's "The Design of Everyday Things"

WK Class/Date Topic Readings
(Reflections due)
Lecture Notes
1 Tue 6/2 Introduction
Where Everyday Things Can Go Wrong
DN 1 and
course syllabus
Intro slides
DN 1 slides
Thu 6/4 Human Thinking about Goals and Tools
How Humans Know Things, in the Head and in the World
DN 2 and 3 DN 3 slides
2 Mon 6/8 How Humans Figure Things Out DN 4
Tue 6/9 To Err is Human DN 5
Thu 6/11 Quiz DN 5 slides
3 Mon 6/15 Design Thinking
Wrapping Norman Up

VoiceThread, Chapter 7, DoET, and VoiceThread, rest of Chapter 6, DoET
DN 6, DN 7
Tue 6/16 Simple Quantitative User Testing (chapters in class Office365/OneDrive folder), and in class KLM-GOMS work Quant. Chap. and Sci. vs. Eng. Chap. Quant. T. slides
Thu 6/18 Color: Where Design, Biology and Physics Meet
VoiceThread, Color Chapter, Part B
Color Chap.
4 Mon 6/22 Usability Testing
No reading reflection due, since I forgot to put it on this schedule early enough.
VoiceThread, Color Chapter, Part C
Qual. Chap. Qual. T. slides
Tue 6/23 Usability Testing (in class work)
Thu 6/25 Quiz
Usability Testing (in class testing, all of the class time)
5 Mon 6/29 Icons, and
VoiceThread, Icons and Signs, Part A
Icons Chap., and
Design Chap.
Design slides
Tue 6/30 Design
VoiceThread, Icons and Signs, Part B
Thu 7/2 Design (in class group work... more or less every day from here on)
6 Mon 7/6
Tue 7/7
Thu 7/9
6 Thu 7/9 Final Quiz