CS 4100, Spring 2020: Class Schedule, Lecture Notes

Note: Schedule is subject to change, please check regularly.

WK Class/Date Topic Book Chapter Assignments Reading
1 Mon 1/27 Syllabus
Why Write?
1 Assignment 1 Syllabus and Chapter 1
Wed 1/29 Writing and Assignment 1 In-Class Writing 1
Topic Proposal Guidelines
Fri 1/31 Pseudo-code 1 Pseudo-code slides
2 Mon 2/3
Wed 2/5 Discuss Project and Scientific Writing Final Project Description
Paper Grading Guidelines
Technical Writing Slides
Fri 2/7 Visiting speaker! Assignment 2
3 Mon 2/10
Wed 2/12
Fri 2/14 Fortran 2 Fortran slides
4 Mon 2/17 Visiting speaker! Topic Proposals DUE
Topic Presentation Guidelines
Topic Presentation Scoring Guide
How to demo software
Wed 2/19 Visiting speaker!
Fri 2/21 FORTRAN
5 Mon 2/24 Reading a Research Paper In-Class Writing 2 Ramsay's How to read a research paper
Efficient reading of papers
How to read a CS paper
Wed 2/26
Fri 2/28 Assignment 2 due
6 Mon 3/2 Topic Presentations Presentation Schedule
Wed 3/4 Topic Presentations
Fri 3/6 Topic Presentations
7 Mon 3/9 Topic Presentations
Wed 3/11 Describing Syntax and Semantics (BNF) / Algol
Some topic presentations
3, 4 BNF slides
Fri 3/13
8 Mon 3/16 Algol 60 Report
Wed 3/18 BNF
Complete these challenges by 'end of class' today
Fri 3/20 Class cancelled due to CCSC-SW conference
Watch: Barbara Liskov: The Power of Abstraction
List all papers Liskov discusses and (in your own words) what she believes are the challenges for the future.
Due Wednesday, April 1st
Submit to CS Hwk site
9 Mon 3/23 School Holiday: Spring Break
Wed 3/25 School Holiday: Spring Break
Fri 3/27 School Holiday: Spring Break
10 Mon 3/30 Link to Zoom meeting
Midterm review
Algol slides
Wed 4/1
Fri 4/3 Midterm
11 Mon 4/6
Wed 4/8 Plagiarism discussion Exercise document
Fri 4/10 Mini-Peer Reviews
Assigned students for you to review
CS Homework, "Mini-Peer Review - Reviews" is the spot to submit completed reviews.
Bring two printed copies, 3+ pages each
Upload to "Project_Mini_Draft"
Mini-Peer Review Review Form
12 Mon 4/13
Wed 4/15
Fri 4/17 GOTOs: "GOTO Considered Harmful" Assignment 3
GOTO Papers
13 Mon 4/20 Pascal 5 Pascal slides
Wed 4/22
Fri 4/24 Peer Reviews
Assigned students for you to review
CS Homework, "Peer Review - Reviews" is the spot to submit completed reviews.
Bring two printed copies
Upload to "Peer Review"
Peer Review Review Form
14 Mon 4/27 Peer Reviews
Wed 4/29 Peer Reviews
Fri 5/1 Pascal and Block Structured Languages Assignment 3 due
15 Mon 5/4 Block Structured Languages 6 Block S. L. slides
Wed 5/6
Fri 5/8 Special Event: Warrior Day, after noon. No classes after noon.
16 Mon 5/11 Lisp 9 Lisp slides
Wed 5/13 Class not held, because professor supervising College of Science Lightning Talks 2020. You are welcome to attend (Zoom) the Lightning Talks!
Fri 5/15 Daily Writing (Assignment 1) due to CS Homework (by Saturday) Final Exam
17 Wednesday 5/20 FINAL EXAM
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Upload to CS Homework by the end of the time scheduled for the Final Exam:
1. Your final project:
  • Copy of your paper
  • Your response to the peer reviews
2. Final Exam

Upload the final version of your project to the CS Homework web site and Turnitin.com (via Blackboard)
Final Project Grading Guidelines