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California State University Stanislaus

CS 4250: Database Management Systems

Spring 2019

11:00 - 12:15 pm, Tu Thu, CX 102, Dr. Megan Thomas

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Welcome to CS4250, an introduction to database management systems. Topics include:

Modeling, development, and implementation of database systems using storage structures, data definition languages, and data manipulation languages for the relational approach to database management. Database integrity and security problems. Historical development of database systems.

Prerequisite: CS 3100.

Announcements and Upcoming Events

4/23/2019 "How To Get Your Data Scientist Career Started",, Apr. 14, 2019.
4/22/2019 "Who Hired A Lot in 2018?" by IEEE Job Site - what companies made the most tech job postings in 2018?
4/9/2019 "Seven of the Coolest-and Best-Paying-Jobs in Emerging Tech" (, Feb 2019)
3/22/2019 Here is one small chunk of the midterm you will take on Thursday.
3/7/2019 To help students practice SQL syntax, you may log in (using SSH or a similar tool) to and use your local MySQL account to try SQL queries at the MySQL command line.
After you log in to hopper, then
  • start the MySQL command line (#2 on the account paper you are given)
  • copy and paste the text from createHW2tables.txt into the MySQL prompt
  • then download and edit loadHW2data.txt so that it refers to whatever location you plan to put the files of sample data (you may need to edit on your local machine, then copy the file onto
  • put doctor.txt, patient.txt, department.txt at the location you specified in loadHW2data.txt
  • then copy and paste the text from loadHW2data.txt into the MySQL prompt
That will set up sample Doctor, Patient and Department tables, with schemas like in Hwk 2.(Note: for simplification, no foreign keys are set up. And real data is likely to have many more duplicates in human name fields, which a good DBA would think about carefully when writing queries.)
2/17/2019 Homework 1 has been edited to remove a question. (The question was from a previous semester's homework assignment, and unrelated to this semester's homework.)
2/14/2019 SERSCA workshops for Spring 2019 - handling yourself well in public speaking, making a good PowerPoint presentation, making a good scientific research poster, making good data visualizations.
1/29/2019 Career Center Event Calendar for Spring 2019 - resume workshops, career and internship fairs on campus
1/22/2019 "Why data scientist is the most promising job of 2019" TechRepublic (and LinkedIn), Jan 10, 2019.
1/22/2019 "These Bay Area companies are 'hiring like crazy' in 2019, according to Glassdoor",, Jan 2, 2019.
1/29/2019 Welcome to CS 4250!


Project Overview

Project Part 1 20
Project Part 2 25 + 4
Homework 1 30
Project Part 3 20
Mini-Homework 1 7
Homework 2 30
Project Part 4 10
Project Part 5 25
Homework 3 30
Project Part 6 12
Project Part 7 70
Homework 4 35


At the CSU Stanislaus library:

The Ramakrishnan and Garcia-Molina/Ullman/Widom textbooks are both available at the university library.

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CSU Stanislaus Dreamers: Resources for AB540 and undocumented students

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