California State University Stanislaus

CS 4980: iOS Programming with Swift

Winter 2017

Tu Th 12 pm - whenever pm, DBH 288

Instructor: Dr. Megan Thomas

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Welcome to CS4950, an introduction to application (or "app") programming on the Apple iOS.

Topics include:

Swift, the Model-View-Controller paradigm, views, gestures, cell phones, tablet computers, table views, multithreading, persistence, core data...

Prerequisite: CS 3100.

Announcements and Upcoming Events:

1/24/2017 "'Best Job in America' Is Mobile App Developer" (ADTmag, 1/2017)
1/5/2017 List students made, of things students need to know by the end of the semester to be "real app programmers"

  1. Input techniques - buttons, gestures (zoom, swiping, tapping, pushing and holding, shaking)
  2. Maps, how to get little pegs on them to identify things
  3. Authentication, logging in to services
  4. Privacy management - not leak user's location, etc
  5. Network communication, in general or specifically web sites
  6. How do you play audio/media on the phone - beeps, music, ... playing video, etc
  7. Animation - like in a game, or like the little boxes being dragged in the Learn Swift app
  8. Storing data in a database, both locally on the device, and in the iCloud for sharing with other devices
  9. Communicating with devices, sensors, Apple Health stuff
  10. How apps interact with camera(s). Or with photo library
  11. How do we get apps to interact with each other, or start each other up, etc
  12. Inserting advertisements into apps
  13. Speech recognition
1/3/17 Welcome to CS 4980!




At the CSU Stanislaus library, a number of on-line books about app programming are available via the Safari On-Line Books collection. Search the library collection to see a list of the on-line books you may access.

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