CS 3740: Computer Organization

Spring 2017 - Homework 6

Due Wednesday, May 17, 2017

You may email a plain text, MS Word or PDF document to the instructor with subject line "cs3740,hwk6", or turn in a hardcopy. (If handwritten, please write neatly. Hardcopies submitted only during class time.)

This is an individual assignment. All work must be your own. You should not look at any other student's work (in whole or in part, on paper or on screen), nor allow anyone else to look at yours, during the course of this assignment.

Unless specified otherwise, all questions are from "The Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture, 4th Ed." by Null and Lobur. They are exercises, not review questions.

  1. Chapter 8, Exercise #7.

  2. Chapter 8, Exercise #11.

  3. Chapter 8, Exercise #16.

  4. Chapter 8, Exercise #18.

  5. Chapter 10, Exercise #1.

  6. Chapter 10, Exercise #2.

  7. Chapter 10, Exercise #3.

  8. Chapter 10, Exercise #7.