CS 4250 Project Part 6

Email due by 4pm on Tuesday, April 26, 2016. (moved to 4/28)

(Subject line of "cs4250, project part 6", exactly. PDF, plain text or MS Word only. Or submit hardcopy at the start of class on April 26.(moved to 4/28) )

  1. Write five different queries on your database, using the SELECT/FROM/WHERE construct provided in SQL. Your five queries should illustrate several different aspects of database querying, such as:

    You do not have to illustrate all the above aspects, just the ones that occur naturally in your application. Try to infuse some reality into your project and think of some reasonable queries that people would want to make with your application. For example, in a book application, writing a query such as "Find all authors whose ages are one fifth of the number of pages in their novel" sounds silly!

    You will not lose points if you do not cover all the above aspects.

    You will lose points if you don't illustrate a reasonably large fraction of the above aspects, and you don't explain why.

    Two queries that answer the same user question (return the same results) will "count" as one query. Your five different queries must be genuinely distinct and different from one another.

What to turn in:

A document that details the following:

  1. A list of your defined SQL schemas; these schemas are to remind me about your project.
  2. A list of the SQL queries that you tried out, a description in English of what the queries are supposed to find, and the query results you obtained. If an answer is long (and runs to several pages), please include just enough of the answer in your solution so that we know what is going on. Do not forget to mention that you truncated the final output. Please do not include pages and pages of answers.

    If you can, include an example of a SQL query you tried that did not work out, and an explanation of why it did not work out -- I am looking for evidence of learning, and our failures are frequently the most educational part of any learning experience.

  3. Do not forget to include the names and email addresses of all project partners.
  4. Required but not graded: Include one sentence per group member summarizing each group member's contribution to Project Part 6. These sentences are not for part of any student grades.