CS 3740: Computer Organization

Spring 2016 - Mini-Homework 1

Due Wednesday, April 6, 2016, at the beginning of class

This is a GROUP assignment. Work in groups of 3. (Groups of 2 or 4 are acceptable, but 3 is ideal. Enough people for a variety of viewpoints, not so many that anyone will feel left out of discussions.)

Put the names of all group members on the document you submit.

You may email a plain text, MS Word or PDF document to the instructor with subject line "cs3740,mini1", or turn in a hardcopy. (If handwritten, please write neatly.)

Unless specified otherwise, all questions are from "The Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture, 4th Ed." by Null and Lobur. They are exercises, not review questions.

  1. Chapter 5, Exercise #11. (Provide the reverse Polish notation equation, not the result of the calculation.)

  2. Chapter 5, Exercise #14.

  3. Chapter 5, Exercise #18.

  4. Chapter 5, Exercise #22.

Now that you are done with the group part of this assignment, there is also an individual assignment. Visit IEEE Spectrum magazine's 'Hardware News and Articles' web site or IEEE Spectrum magazine's 'Semiconductors News and Articles' web page. (IEEE, as you will recall, is a professional organization for people who work in power engineering and computing fields.) Read three news articles selected from that web page (and only from that web page). For each news article, write:

  1. a 2-4 sentence summary of what the article was about,
  2. plus one sentence about what you thought was the most interesting thing about that news article,
  3. plus two questions you have about the article or the topic of the article.
Log on to the class Blackboard site, go to the "Discussion Board" and the "Responses to News Article Readings" Forum. Reply to my "March 25 News Reading Assignment" post and include all your summaries, etc, in that post. Your posts will be visible to the other students in the class after they have been graded.