California State University Stanislaus

CS 3740: Computer Organization

Spring 2016

M W F 1:00 - 2:50 pm, DBH 101

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Welcome to CS 3740, an overview of logical hardware technologies used in digital computer systems, including memory organization, bus structures, CPU pipelining and parallelism, and control unit organization.

Prerequisite: CS 2700.

Announcements and Upcoming Events:

5/2/2016 Typo in Chapter 6 problems in textbook. Exercise #18 should refer to Figure 6.22a.
4/28/2016 News Article Reading Responses Two assignment is to read the six articles in The Economist's "After Moore's Law" Technology Quarterly. The articles are entitled "Double, double, toil and trouble," "More Moore: The incredible shrinking transistor," "New designs: Taking it to another dimension," "Brain scan: Bruno Michel," "Quantum computing: Harnessing weirdness," and "What comes next: Horses for courses." If you have difficulty accessing the articles via the above links, the CSU Library has Economist articles available via e-Journal subscriptions.

For each news article, write a 2-4 sentence summary of what the article was about. When you have read all six, write one sentence about what you thought was the most interesting thing about that news articles, plus two questions you have about one or more of the articles or the topics of the articles.

Log on to the class Blackboard site, go to the "Discussion Board" and the "Responses to News Article Readings" Forum. Reply to my "May 9 News Reading Assignment" post and include all your summaries, etc, in that post. Your posts will be visible to the other students in the class after they have been graded.

The news article responses are to be completed individually. Due May 9 by 11:59pm.

3/22/2016 News Article Reading Responses One assignment is described at the bottom of the Mini-Homework 1 page. Mini-Homework 1 is a group assignment; the news article responses are to be completed individually.
3/14/2016 Per our discussion today about Gordon Moore and Moore's Law, the April 2015 issue of IEEE Spectrum featured several articles about the current and possible future status of Moore's famous observation about circuits and integrated chips.


Mini-Homework 1 5
News Article Reading Responses One 5
Homework 1 15
Homework 2 25
News Article Reading Responses Two 7
Homework 3 25

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