CS4960, Spring 2015   Class Schedule, Notes
Note: Schedule is subject to change, please check regularly

WK Class/Date Topic Events
1 Wed 1/28 Introduction
2 Wed 2/4 Finding Topics, public speaking advice Preliminary topic due (email, by midnight Friday)
3 Wed 2/11 Topic proposal due (email, by midnight Friday)
4 Wed 2/18 Final topic approval via email
5 Wed 2/25 Class meets to discuss good paper outlines and sample page or two
6 Wed 3/4
7 Wed 3/11
8 Wed 3/18
9 Wed 3/25 Brandon H. and Erika A. meet with Thomas
10 Wed 4/1 Brandon H.'s and Erika A.'s papers due
Kyle W. and Gerardo M. meet with Thomas
11 Wed 4/8 Spring Break: no class
12 Wed 4/15 Erika A. speaks (Erika A.'s paper)
Brandon H. speaks (Brandon H.'s paper)
Kyle W.'s and Gerardo M.'s papers due
Douglas C. and Andrew R. meet with Thomas
13 Wed 4/22 Gerardo M. speaks (Gerardo M.'s paper)
Kyle W. speaks (Kyle W.'s paper)
Douglas C.'s and Andrew R.'s papers due
Alexander T. and Michael S. meet with Thomas
14 Wed 4/29 Andrew R. speaks (Andrew R.'s paper)
Douglas C. speaks (Douglas C.'s paper)
Alexander T.'s and Michael S.'s papers due
15 Wed 5/6 Alexander T. speaks (Alexander T.'s paper)
Michael S. speaks (Michael S.'s paper)
16 Wed 5/13 Course Wrap-up