CS 4250: Project Part 1

Hardcopy or email due at the end of class time (3:00 pm) on Friday, February 6, 2015. (Email must be plain text, MS Word, or PDF, with subject line "cs4250 project part 1". The email should be carbon-copied to all project partners, for future reference. Do not compress the file.)

To Do:

  1. Form a team of 2-3 people and decide on a group name. Decide on a good application. See the Project Overview for project ideas.

  2. (20 points) Write a two page project proposal / description in the following format:

    (i) Name of the project. Full names and email addresses of the students in the group.

    (ii) The domain of your database application.

    (iii) The intended user group for your database application.

    (iv) What are the application specifications (i.e., what functionality will your completed system provide)?

    (v) What will be modelled by your system (and what will not)?

    (vi) Pages 40-41 in the "Successful strategies for teams: Team member handbook" discusses, among other important ideas, the importance of forming ground rules for a working group, and provides some samples of possible group rules. Discuss ground rules with your group, and include five or more ground rules your group agrees on in your project proposal.

    (vii) What other "value-added" facilities could your system support (but that you will not build explicitly)? The goal is for us to mutually agree on a project that is feasible over the course of one semester. If you have questions, meet the instructor during office hours.

Wise Idea: Pick a domain for your database application that all members of the group understand reasonably well. If only one member of a group understands the data domain, and that member catches dengue fever at an inconvenient time, completing homework assignments satisfactorily will become difficult.

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