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California State University Stanislaus

CS 4250: Database Management Systems

Spring 2015

2:00 - 2:50 pm, M W F DBH 104, Dr. Megan Thomas

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Welcome to CS4250, an introduction to database management systems. Topics include:

Modeling, development, and implementation of database systems using storage structures, data definition languages, and data manipulation languages for the relational approach to database management. Database integrity and security problems. Historical development of database systems.

Prerequisite: CS 3100.

Announcements and Upcoming Events

5/11/2015 Final exam from Spring 2008. The review questions and exercises at the back of the textbook chapters are also a good source for questions similar to what might show up on the final.
5/6/2015 Tuple formatting and what gets stored in indexes exercise notes - exercise is based on 8.4 in our textbook
4/29/2015 The Engineer Guy opens up a hard drive.
3/25/2015 Michael Stonebraker wins the 2014 Turing Award, "for fundamental contributions to the concepts and practices underlying modern database systems." Congratulations, Dr. Stonebraker!
3/19/2015 SQLFiddle.com appears to be a web site that allows uers to "fiddle around" with SQL. Thanks to Mr. Pena for finding it.
3/18/2015 SQL samples generated in midterm preparation today:
  • select * from Sailors LEFT OUTER JOIN Reserves ON Sailors.sid = Reserves.sid order by age;
  • select max(S.age), B.color from Reserves R, Sailors S, Boats B where S.sid = R.sid AND R.bid = B.bid Group By B.color;
    (oldest age for a sailor who has a reserved boats of each possible color)
  • select * from Sailors order by age;
  • insert into Sailors values (35, 'PinkBeard', 1, 75);
    insert into Sailors values (34, 'Gulliver', 5, 75);
  • select age, sname from Sailors where age = (select max(age) from Sailors);
    (should return 2-3 tuples, after we insert old Gulliver and PinkBeard)
  • select * from Sailors where sname IN (select sname from Sailors where sname LIKE '%r');
  • Sample many-to-many creation, Sailors having diseases and diseases infecting many sailors:
    create table Diseases (name text, primary key (name));
    create table Sick (sid smallint, name text, primary key(sid, name), foreign key(sid) references Sailors, foreign key (name) references Diseases);
    insert into Diseases values ('scurvy');
    insert into Diseases values ('flu');
    insert into Diseases values ('Ebola');
    insert into Diseases values ('bubonic plague');
    insert into Diseases values ('smallpox');
    insert into Diseases values ('chicken pox');
  • Sample many-to-one creation, Sailors having peg legs but each peg leg belonging to at most one sailor:
    create table Pegleg (id smallint, primary key (id));
    create table Wears (sid smallint, id smallint, primary key(id), foreign key (id) references Pegleg, foreign key (sid) references Sailors);
3/15/2015 Midterm exam from Spring 2006 The order of topics was a little different in Spring 2006 than it is this year, but the old exam may help you get a feel for the types of questions I might ask.
2/16/2015 The rest of Homework 1 has been put on the Homework 1 page. Hit "reload" in your web browser if you do not see a third question.
2/3/2015 Added to the class syllabus today: Strong evidence from multiple sources that a student did not participate significantly in multiple parts of the group project is grounds to assign a zero to up to 15% of that student's grade.
1/28/2015 Welcome to CS 4250! Please sign up for the class mailing list.


Project Overview

Project Part 1 20
Project Part 2 20
Homework 1 20
Project Part 3 15
Homework 2 30
Project Part 4 10
Mini-Homework 1 3
Project Part 5 25
Project Part 6 12
Homework 3 20
Project Part 7 70
Homework 4 25

Student Projects


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The class textbook and the Garcia-Molina/Ullman/Widom textbook are both on reserve at the university library.

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