CS 2700: Assembly Language and Computer Architecture

Spring 2015 - Homework 3

Due Wednesday, March 25, 2015, at the beginning of class

This is an individual assignment. All work must be your own. You should not look at any other student's work (in whole or in part, on paper or on screen), nor allow anyone else to look at yours, during the course of this assignment.

Turn in as hardcopy or via email (MS Word or PDF or plain text only, if emailed).

Unless specified otherwise, all questions are from "The Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture, 4th Ed." by Null and Lobur.

It is very important that you SHOW YOUR WORK. We practiced this in class and, as I mentioned then, almost all homework points will be attached to the work you show and not to the final number you come up with.

  1. Chapter 2, Exercise #11.

  2. Chapter 2, Exercise #23.

  3. Chapter 2, Exercise #24.

  4. Chapter 2, Exercise #33.

  5. Chapter 2, Exercise #43.

  6. Added after March 9

  7. Chapter 4, Exercise #5.

  8. Chapter 4, Exercise #8.

  9. Chapter 4, Exercise #11. (Note that 10.g says "repeat 9.f for..." They mean "repeat 10.f for..." Bear that in mind when working on #11.)

  10. Chapter 4, Exercise #18.

  11. Chapter 4, Exercise #21.

  12. Chapter 4, Exercise #22.