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California State University Stanislaus

CS 2700: Assembly Language and Computer Architecture

Spring 2015

M W F 10:00 - 10:50 pm, DBH 104

Instructor: Dr. Megan Thomas

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Welcome to CS 2700, an introduction to computer hardware in detail, and to the details of the software that directly interacts with the hardware.

Course Description

Computer programming at the machine level. Machine language and basic machine architecture, addressing modes, subprogram linkage, program sectioning and overlays, I/O programming, macros, and interrupts.

Prerequisite: Passing grade in CS 2500 or an equivalent course.

Announcements and Upcoming Events:

4/24/2015 Current version of Lab 3 is different from the version that was on the class web page at 10am Friday, when the Lab 3 work time began. The 000E that showed up when I ran the simulator last night did not show up for students this morning, so I had to point you to the right location using a different description.
4/3/2015 Beware the typo in DeMorgan's Law in the lecture slides on-line. Double-check with your notes from class or your textbook.


Questions from Chapter 4 have been added to Homework 3. (Remember to 'reload' the page in your web browser in order to see the changes.)


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If you downloaded the chapter 1 slides before 8pm, download them again. The slides on-line were updated at 8pm on Jan 28.


Welcome to CS 2700!


Homework 1 10
Homework 2 20
Homework 3 15
Homework 4 5
Lab 1 3
Lab 2 5
Homework 5 15
Lab 3 5
Lab 4 15
Lab 5 15

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