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California State University Stanislaus

CS 3750: Operating Systems I

Fall 2022

12:30 - 1:45 pm, Tu Th, Naraghi 322, Dr. Megan Thomas

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Welcome to CS3750, an introduction to operating systems. Topics include:

Introduction to computer operating system design and implementation issues. Historical development of operating systems; management of processes, concurrent processes, storage, and I/O systems; distributed operating systems; protection and security; ethical issues relating to security and privacy; and case studies of operating systems.

Prerequisites: CS 3100 and CS 3740.

Announcements and Upcoming Events

25 Oct 2022 News articles you might be interested in:
"The best states in the US for tech jobs", Computerworld, 20 Oct 2022.
"Developer jobs: Nearly a third of top tech roles remain empty, say recruiters: Despite hiring freezes and layoffs, companies of all sizes need software professionals - and there simply aren't enough to go around", ZDNet, 20 Oct 2022.
27 Sept 2022 In case you missed our pre-class movie, here it is: "NASA's DART Mission Hits Asteroid in First-Ever Planetary Defense Test"
5 Sept 2022 I'm going to run CS 3750 via Zoom on Tuesday, 9/6, due to the heatwave.
I will physically be in our usual classroom if you wish to join me there. Naraghi Hall's air conditioning is stronger than what I have elsewhere. I can project my Zoom screen on the overhead projector, to let students all see the same thing and... we'll improvise.
Try to do what you can to conserve energy from 4 pm to 9 / 10 pm for the next few days, please.
26 Aug 2022 Career Fair on Sept 28, 1-4. (Some preparation events before then, to help wi th resume creation, etc.)
Career Center Events, Fall 2022
23 Aug 2022 Welcome to CS 3750!


Lab 1 10
Problem Set 1 10
Lab 2 10
Problem Set 2 10
Lab 3 20
Lab 4 25
Problem Set 3 10


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