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California State University Stanislaus

CS 4250: Database Management Systems

Fall 2019

3:00 - 3:50 pm, M W F, DBH 104, Dr. Megan Thomas

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Welcome to CS4250, an introduction to database management systems. Topics include:

Modeling, development, and implementation of database systems using storage structures, data definition languages, and data manipulation languages for the relational approach to database management. Database integrity and security problems. Historical development of database systems.

Prerequisite: CS 3100.

Announcements and Upcoming Events

12/15/2019 The final exam will reuse the sample schema used in the midterm. Here is the chunk of the midterm (and final).
11/25/2019 "SQL, Java Top List of Most In-Demand Tech Skills", IEEE Job Site, Nov. 2019.
10/13/2019 Here is one small chunk of the midterm you will take on Friday.
10/8/2019 To help students practice SQL syntax, you may log in (using SSH or a similar tool) to and use your local MySQL account to try SQL queries at the MySQL command line.
After you log in to hopper, then
  • start the MySQL command line (#2 on the account paper you are given)
  • copy and paste the text from createHW2tables.txt into the MySQL prompt
  • then download and edit loadHW2data.txt so that it refers to whatever location you plan to put the files of sample data (you may need to edit on your local machine, then copy the file onto
  • put doctor.txt, patient.txt, department.txt at the location you specified in loadHW2data.txt
  • then copy and paste the text from loadHW2data.txt into the MySQL prompt
That will set up sample Doctor, Patient and Department tables, with schemas like in Hwk 2.(Note: for simplification, no foreign keys are set up. And real data is likely to have many more duplicates in human name fields, which a good DBA would think about carefully when writing queries.)

If you would prefer to download SQLite to your own machine and use the command prompt interface to practice, here are the files that will set up Patient, Doctor and Department for you.

(To tidy up the "look" of your query output, you might want to type:
.mode column
.headers on
.nullvalue NULL
at the SQLite command line.)
10/7/2019 "Cybersecurity Needs YOU" by CSU News, Oct 2019
9/27/2019 CREATE TABLE Books(title char(40), lastname CHAR(40), firstname CHAR(40), pubyear INTEGER, bookID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY)
CREATE TABLE AwardWinners (bookID INTEGER, year INTEGER, award CHAR(10), authorage INTEGER, PRIMARY KEY (bookID, award))
Let's write some queries...
Find all authors (full names) of books.
Will distinct change the output of above query?
How about authors whose names (first or last) start with H?
How about authors (full names) who have won a Hugo or a Pulitzer? (Authors who've won both?)
9/20/2019 Mini-homework is just relational algebra. There was a typo, referring to also completing the problems in SQL. I have removed the typo.
9/8/2019 Extra hours for Part 2 ER diagrams. I will be in my office from approximately 11:15 to 12:45pm on Monday, Sept 9. Since Monday is otherwise a bunch of meetings, I am extending the Part 2 Review 2 deadline to Tuesday, 9/10. I will be in my office from about 12:30 to 5pm on Tuesday.
Stop by to show me an ER diagram draft and get feedback. (If my plans change, I'll update this list.)
9/4/2019 Extra hours for Part 2 ER diagrams. I will be in my office from approximately 12:30 to 5pm on Thursday, Sept 5. Also from 9:30 am to 11am, 12:15-12:45, 2-2:45 and 3-4 or so on Friday, Sept 6. Stop by to show me an ER diagram draft before the deadline for the Review 1 deadline. (If my plans change, I'll update this list.)
8/26/2019 Career Center events for Fall 2019 - resume help, workshops on preparing for job interviews, and a Career Fair on Sept 25.
8/23/2019 "Where the Engineering Jobs Are in 2019", IEEE Job Site, 1 May 2019
and "Tech Workers Are Finding Jobs Outside of Traditional Tech", IEEE Job Site, 19 July 2019
8/23/2019 Welcome to CS 4250!


Project Overview

Project Part 1 20
Project Part 2 25 + 4
Homework 1 30
Project Part 3 20
Mini-Homework 1 7
Homework 2 30
Project Part 4 10
Homework 3 30
Project Part 5 25
Homework 4 35
Project Part 6 12
Project Part 7 70

Books at the CSU Stanislaus Library

The Ramakrishnan and Garcia-Molina/Ullman/Widom textbooks are both available at the university library.

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