CS4960, Fall 2016   Class Schedule, Notes
Note: Schedule is subject to change, please check frequently

WK Class/Date Topic Events
1 Mon 8/29 Introduction
2 Mon 9/5 School Holiday: Labor Day
3 Mon 9/12 Finding Topics, public speaking advice Preliminary topic due (face-to-face discussion, by 5pm Friday)
4 Mon 9/19 Topic proposal due (email, by Friday midnight)
5 Mon 9/26 Final topic approval via email
6 Mon 10/3 Topic presentation video-taping and paper draft feedback Presentation video and feedback due (Friday 4pm, in professor's mailbox)
7 Mon 10/10
8 Mon 10/17
9 Mon 10/24
10 Mon 10/31
11 Mon 11/7 Gonser and Villery meet with Thomas
12 Mon 11/14 Muniz and Martin meet with Thomas
Gonser's and Villery's papers due
13 Mon 11/21 R. Gonser speaks ("The GPU and GPUfs")
Q. Villery speaks ("Eiger: Software that brings Causal Consistency")
Kelley and Rivas Felix meet with Thomas
Muniz's and Martin's papers due
14 Mon 11/28 M. Muniz speaks ("Web Components and Liquid.Js")
B. Martin speaks ("Slow Searching: AbraQ Algorithm Explained")
Kelley's and Rivas Felix's papers due
15 Mon 12/5 K. Kelley speaks ("Security vulnerabilities of Firefox extensions")
J. Rivas Felix speaks ("TaintDroid: Know Where Your Privacy Goes")
16 Mon 12/12 Course Wrap-up (not needed: class will not meet today)