CS 4950 Spring 2017

Lab 7

Find a computer and log into the OSX side using your CS login name and password.

Open Firefox and find the class web page.

Open TextWrangler - use the finder window and go to applications.

Find the Terminal - use the finder window and go to applications and then utilities.

Today we are going to work on the things we learned in Chapter 10:
Let's start with the file we worked on in the last lab. Create a file with the source code for aminoacid_table.html and call it aminoacid_table.txt
Here is what we did to get the source code in the last lab:
We will start by writing the molecular weight program on page 156.
The first step is to create the dictionary of molecular weights:

Now we want to write a python program called aminoacid.py
Your name and the date and "Lab 7" should be included in comments near the top of the file.

Your program should:

Note that you will want to develop this program incrementally, for example:

We will discuss this in class and have more lab time to work on this.

Viewing HTML Source on different browsers

To be able to view the source code of a webpage under Safari, you first need to enable the Developer menu:
  1. Click on Safari menu > Preferences > Advanced.
  2. Check "Show Develop menu in menu bar".
  3. Close the Preferences window.
  4. Go to the Develop menu > Show Page Source.

For Chrome: View -> Developer -> View Source

For Firefox: Command-u

Turn it in:
Go to the CS Homework Submission System: https://www.cs.csustan.edu/cshomework/
Choose: instructor Martin
              Spring 2017
Upload the your  aminoacid.py and aminoacid.out files as prompted.