CS 4950 Spring 2017

Lab 4

Find a computer and log into the OSX side using your CS login name and password.

Open Firefox and find the class web page.

Open TextWrangler - use the finder window and go to applications.
Open a new text file, called Lab4.txt, to record your work today - you will paste in some of your command lines. The header of the file should look like:
Your Name
CS 4950
Lab 4
February 22, 2017

Find the Terminal - use the finder window and go to applications and then utilities.

How to change your shell to bash and create .bash_profile

Here is a way that users can change their terminal to bash:
chsh -s /bin/bash
Then you have to enter your user password and open a new terminal window to see the changes.

How-to create a bash_profile:
Start up Terminal
Type "cd ~/" to go to your home folder
Type "touch .bash_profile" to create your new file.
Edit .bash_profile with nano, pico, or TextWrangler.
Type "source ~/.bash_profile" to reload .bash_profile and update any functions you add.

New from chapter 6:
Write a script: the goal is to create and run the script on page 89 to list the directory contents.
Create an alias: this will allow you to use a shortcut for long commands - see page 99
Copying file in bulk: work through the example starting on page 92

Automating curl to retrieve literature references: if you have time work through example starting on page 97

Turn it in:
Go to the CS Homework Submission System: https://www.cs.csustan.edu/cshomework/
Choose: instructor Martin
              Spring 2017
Upload the your Lab4.txt file as prompted.