CS 4950 Spring 2016

Lab 2

Find a computer and log into the OSX side using your CS login name and password.

Open Firefox and find the class web page.

Find TextWrangler - use the finder window and go to applications.

Get Examples from our book:

Work through the Example on page 28 of our textbook using FPexamples.fta

Work through Putting it all together on page 38 using Ch3observations.txt

What to turn in:
Create a new file in TextWrangler called <your name>Lab2.txt
For example my file would be called MelanieMartinLab2.txt

In this file, for each example, cut and paste:
Make sure to separate with blanks lines to make it readable.

Turn it in:
Go to the CS Homework Submission System: https://www.cs.csustan.edu/cshomework/
Choose: instructor Martin
              Spring 2017
Upload the files as prompted.