CS 4480, Fall 2010
Useful Links
Here are some links you might find helpful:

ACM Digital Library
Follow link above and scroll down to ACM Digital Library

Safari Tech Books Online
Follow the link above and scroll down to Safari Tech Books Online

Our Book
Download Lisp, lecture slides, etc.

AI on the Web
Great resource: people, places, companies, organizations, books, etc. Includes as section on Lisp.

An Introduction and Turorial for Common Lisp
This document provides a small set of resources and references on Common Lisp.

Lisp Primer
Common LISP Hints
Lisp Tutorial

Common LISP by Guy Steele

Practical Common Lisp

Successful Lisp

Free Book Centre
More Lisp Books

Common Lisp Quick Reference
Cheat Sheet

Clisp Downloads