Core-Competency Assignment -- see Syllabus/Grading

Individual Web Pages - (140 points.)

Create HTML pages to include 1) a home page, 2) a secondary page, and 3) your Resume and Paper assignments saved as individual web pages.

Each of the four required pages will have an appropriate title containing your name (the title appears at the top of a web browser and is displayed as the bookmarked name.)

Create a personal website folder named <your initials>, lower case(e.g., my folder would be named mjm). Save all your web pages, images, and related files into this folder as you create them. This folder, comprising your web site, will be transferred to the CS server. A partial transfer can be made at any time and updates made as you build your site.

Your home page will have the required file name of "index.html" and will include, at a minimum, your name, ClassID, and Major. It will also include a photo of yourself (with the primary focus of the image being you) saved as a JPG at 100dpi or less. The saved image file must be <100k in size.

Your home page will contain links to your other pages. Additional page content is optional.

The secondary page will contain links to at least three off-campus websites you find interesting. It will also contain a image relevant to each linked site. The image will be a hyperlink to its corresponding site.
Images should include a description. Images are to be saved as found or as JPEGs at 100dpi or less. Images from the web can be used to satify the requirement. Do not use copyrighted material without permission.

Scanners are availabe for your use in the Mac and PC labs.

In MSWord, "Save as Web Page..." your Resume and Paper (you may also include your PowerPoint One and Excel files, if you wish.) Open your files, go to File/Save as Web Page... to convert each to HTML. Save into your folder with your initials. The software will create a .htm file and possibly a folder containing needed images for each file you convert. Both the .htm file AND the folder must be contained within your personal website folder/directory.

Each student will transfer (using FTP) their website to the Computer Science web server ( into their designated class directory. Pages may be transferred at any time and tested and edited up to the final due date for the assignment.

If you need a Secure FTP program at home you can use one of these:

For Windows Users:
WinSCP (1.4MB) - FTP Applications

For Mac Users:
Fugu (842K) for OSX - FTP Applications


By end of class Day Eight - the student will email the instructor ( with their URL. Email Subject will be "ClassID Web Address (e.g., CS4000-1 Web Address).

By end of class on Day Nine - a draft of your pages are to be viewable on the web. At minimum, this will be your folder containing an index.html page that can be found by clicking on your name on the "Student Web Pages."

By end of class Day Eleven - final pages are to be available on the web for grading. You need only complete the assignment. I will click on your name in the list after the due date and grade your work on the web. Results will be sent to you using the Grading Form below.

Grading Form will be:

Web Page Assignment Points (140 possible):

Total Deductions:

Day 8 Email Subject (5)-

Day 8 URL (10)-

Day 9 Draft Online (10)-

Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar (5-20)-

Home Page:

Missing (50)-

Page Title (5)-

Name (5)-

Major (5)-

ClassID (5)-

Photo (10-20)-

Working links to 3 required pages (5 ea.)-

Links Page:

Missing (40)-

Page Title (5)-

3 Images (5 ea.)-

3 working hyperlinks (5 ea.)-

Resume Page:

Missing (20)-

Page Title (5)-

Not HTML (10)-

Paper Page:

Missing (20)-

Page Title (5)-

Not HTML (10)-

By Dan L. Bratten copied with persmission