Quizzes will be taken using BlackBoard (BB).

You will have one attempt at each quiz.

Each quiz has an allotted time limit. You will loose one (1) point for each minute or portion thereof that you exceed the time limit. There will be a 15 second grace period to allow you to submit your quiz after you reach the end of your time.

All quizzes will be available until at least the class period after they are announced. For instance, Quiz One will become available at the end of class Day One and remain available until end of class Day Two.

Failure to complete a quiz during the available time will result in zero points. Plan ahead for computer or connection difficulties. Do not procrastinate. The quiz must be completed within the timeframe allowed.

To take a quiz:

Go to the campus home page/Academic Resourses/BlackBoard, or follow the link on the class home page, or follow the link below:

Log into BB using the instructions given. Find your section of this course and go to the Assignment page. Only active quizzes are shown.

Select the desired quiz to begin.

Read the instructions.

Do not start a quiz that you are unable to finish at this time as you must complete the quiz once you start.

You move between questions using the single arrow keys. The double arrow keys move to the beginning or end of the quiz.

Do not click "Submit" until you finish your quiz but do make sure you click "Submit" to finish the quiz.

Scoring will be automatic in BlackBoard.

If you experience any problems notify me as soon as possible. Begin your quiz allowing enough time for possible problems. Problems within the last 30 minutes of test-availability may not be cureable for you to be able to score any points.

Depending on your Internet connection speed, you may not be able to test from home (e.g., slow modem connection) due to the graphic requirements of the BB program. If the font size appears too small you should adjust your browser, as needed.

Points will be posted to the Online Class Database after all students have completed the quiz. Points are not automatically posted but are transferred manually.

By Dan L. Bratten, copied with permission