Core-Competency Assignment -- see Syllabus/Grading

Presentation Software Assignment Two
- (80 points.)

Create a slide show for your second oral presentation using MS PowerPoint software. The topic of your presentation and for the slides will be the same as your discussion paper.

You are to select from your paper relevant information to place on slides. These slides will be shown by you during your speech.

The purpose of the slides in to convey information to your audience. This can be with key "bullet points", descriptive text, images, or whatever you choose.

The assignment requires that you create at least 10 slides. Often it is better to have more slides to spread out your information.

You are required to include at least two images relevant to your topic. Clip Art does not count. Each image included in your presentation must have a file size smaller than 100k.

Your entire presentation file size must me under 1.5MB to be graded. Resized presentations received after the due date will be subject to the late penalty.

The first slide (title slide) will be an introduction to your presentation that must contain, at minimum, your presentation's title and your name.

Apply a design template or add a background design/color to your slides.

Include slide transistions for all your slides.

Use custom animations on at least five of your slides.

Slides will be checked to see that they work as a slide show.

Slides will be checked for spelling and grammar.

Make sure you view your show on a PC computer.

Your presentation will last between 3 & 5 minutes. No one will be allowed to exceed 6 minutes. Please keep this in mind when you create your slides and rehearse your speech.

You are free to use any tools/designs available in PowerPoint. I will not be grading your choices. However, your choices may affect your grade as viewed and critiqued by the audience during your oral presentation if they make your slides distracting or difficult to read.

Save your presentation as a MS PowerPoint file with the name "<your initials - first, middle & last>_powerpoint2" -- all lower case (e.g., mjm_powerpoint2.ppt -- as shown).

E-mail, as an attachment, the assignment to the instructor ( CC yourself. E-mail "Subject" must be "ClassID PowerPoint Two" without the quotes (e.g., CS4000-1 PowerPoint Two -- capitalization and spacing as shown).

Grading Form used will be:

PowerPoint Two Assignment (80 possible)--

Total Deductions:

Subject (5-10)-

Saved Name (5)-

Title Slide - name and title (5)-

Design or Background color used (10)-

Slide Transition - on all slides (5-10)-

Custom Animation - on five or more slides (5-20)-

Spelling (1-10)-

Grammar (1-10)-

Less than 10 working slides (10 ea.)-

Image not smaller than 100k (10 ea.)-

Late - per class period (8)-

Other (?)-

By Dan L. Bratten, copied with permission