First Oral Presentation Assignment
- (40 points.)

Your oral presentation will be on the same topic as your PowerPoint One assignment -- information about yourself to serve as an introduction to the class. The slideshow you create will be part of your talk. The presentation will last between one and two minutes. A PC computer in the classroom will be provided for your slideshow.

Guidelines to think about for your speech:

  • Speak clearly and with sufficient volume to be heard.

  • Maintain good posture and make eye contact with your audience.

  • Is your slideshow error-free?

  • Did you provide enough information for the audience to understand what you wished to convey?

  • Will your speech be rehearsed, smooth, confident, and interesting?


Failure to have a working presentation for your speech will be a 15 point deduction.
Make sure the instructor has the most recent version of your presentation by emailing it as an attachment no later than two hours prior to the start of class.

By Dan L. Bratten, copied with permission