CS 3100
Fall 2008
Mini Program 1
Due Monday, September 15

Driver for writeBackward


Write a driver program to test the recursive function writeBackward on page 78 of our text.


The program reads a string from standard input.


The program writes the string backwards to standard output.


You need to create a test suite with good data and code coverage.

What To Turn In:

Here is the list of things you have to turn in:
  1. At the start of class on the due date, place the following items on the "counter" in front of me:

    Make sure that all of the code and script content shows on the paper. Make sure all content is plainly readable and properly formatted.

  2. Upload to the homework submission system before midnight on the due date:

    Your source code and your test script. I will compile and test your programs on the suns in the lab.