CS 3100
Fall 2008
  Lab Extra Credit
Due Friday, December 12, 2008
Hash Table Program


Writing this program will help you better understand Table ADT implementations using hashing.


Write a program that implements the Table ADT using hashing. Use mod table_size as your hash function, where table_size is prime and less than or equal to 101. Use quadratic probing for colision resolution. Write a driver to test  your hash table. The rest of the details are up to you.

This program will count as extra credit for the lab component of you course grade.


What To Turn In:

Here is the list of things you have to turn in:
  1. At the start of class on the due date, place the following items on the "counter" in front of me:

  2. Upload to the homework submission system before midnight on the due date
Your final source code and your test script. I will compile and test your programs on the suns in the lab.