Welcome to the Medical Information Reliability Tester

To use:

Simply enter a search query, and click search. Browse through the search results on the left. When you find some search results of interest click on the copy links located under the url of the results. This will send the page to the Semantic Analysis engine, and rate the reliability of the information for you. This way you can have an idea of the quality of information on a web page before you view it.

Note: this is intended to classify search results in the medical domain as: Probably Reliable, Possibly Reliable, Possibly Unreliable, Probably Unreliable, or does Not Fit in Other Categories. The classification should be thought of as a good estimate, and is not as an official endorsement or inditement of anyone's work. This system is based on the dissertation work of Dr. Melanie Martin which can be found here and implemented by Jonathan Brown and Sean Kelly. The implementation was funded by a Naraghi Faculty Research Enhancement Grant.

Please, browse the behind the scenes section to get a better explanation of what this website does, to learn more about where this webpage came from and how it works, or to find out what improvements are planned for the future.