JANUARY 29-30, 2002

From: "Goldwhite, Harold" 
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 09:45:19 -0800
Subject: Preview of BoT meeting, 1/29-30/02

Harold Goldwhite, Faculty Trustee

The full text of the Board Agenda is available on the CSU website

The Board of Trustees will meet at the Chancellor's Office in
Long Beach on January 29-30, 2002. Here are some of the more
significant issues that will be before Board Committees and the
full Board.

In closed session the Committee on Educational Policies will
consider nominations for honorary degrees. The Board will
consider a number of executive reviews. In open session the
Committee on Collective Bargaining will review the agreement
reached between the CSU and CSEA representing units 2, 5, 7, and
9 on compensation for fiscal year 2001-2002 and a contract

The Committee on Institutional advancement will consider the
report on 2000-2001 external support. The total received was over
$248 million in voluntary support and over $668 million in
special revenue.

The Committee on Finance will hear a status report on the
2002-2003 support budget. The Governor's proposal, released a
week ago, includes an increase of over 4% in support of the CSU
from the General Fund, with most of the increase going for
additional enrolment. The Governor proposes a 1% increase in
compensation. The Committee will also consider financing for
projects at San Marcos and San Diego. The Committee on Campus
Planning, Buildings and Grounds will hear reports on the
2002-2003 capital outlay program, both state and non-state
funded, and on completed capital projects. The Committee will
consider the Final Environmental Impact Report for the Campus
Village Housing Phase I at San Jose.

In addition to regular reports the Committee on Audit will
recommend the functions to be audited in calendar 2002; leading
candidates include disaster contingency planning, employee
relations, occupational health and safety, student fees,
development, and intercollegiate athletics. The Committee on
Governmental relations will act on the Trustees' regular
legislative report. Only two new items, both technical changes,
are included. The most important item of Trustee sponsored
legislation, a Bond Act for capital construction, has still not
been approved by the legislature.

The Committee on Educational Policy will hear the sixth annual
report on remediation; and consider Title 5 changes on credit
card solicitation and on exempting certain students, including
undocumented immigrants who have attended California high schools
for more than 3 years, from nonresident tuition. The Committee
will hear for information ( i.e. as first reading) a proposed
limit on the amount of credit earned in self-support sessions
that can be applied to a degree; a proposal for a K-5 Charter
School at CSU Channel Islands; and a proposal to eliminate
service areas for extension programs. There will also be a
presentation to the Committee on a CSU Summer Arts program.