To Apply: Please contact Northern California CFA Field Representative Maureen Loughran, E-mail: Telephone: (858) 337-9886.







Position: CFA Student Intern

Salary: $10.00/hour; 10 hours/week


Who we are:

The California Faculty Association (CFA) represents over 22,000 CSU faculty, coaches, counselors, and librarians throughout the state. CFA believes that the interests of faculty and students are intertwined and that opportunities to promote this mutual awareness are critical to the future of the CSU. Thus, CFA has been at the forefront in the battle to preserve the mission of the CSU as “the peoples’ university”.


Required Qualifications

1.     Familiarity with campus

2.     Ability to manage time and complete projects in a timely manner

3.     Ability to adapt to shifting expectations and priorities

4.     Self starter and self motivated

5.     Willing to learn new skills to perform job duties

6.     Good record-keeping skills

7.     Willing to travel occasionally throughout California


Desired Qualifications

1.     Majors related to labor History/social justice (Prefer, but not limited to

2.     Previous experience in political, community, or labor organizing

3.     Strong desire to work with other students on campus to educate them on campus labor issues and their impact on the university

4.     Ability to develop an ongoing partnership with student leaders around issues affecting the campus community

5.     Ability to communicate effectively and clearly with supervisor(s) and peers

6.     Ability to manage and coordinate a strong student body

7.     Be accessible via e-mail


Duties and Responsibilities

1.     Conduct and set meetings with student leaders on campus

2.     Attend Chapter Executive Board Meetings where relevant to the student work

3.     Create and maintain records of student contacts

4.     Attend quarterly/semester trainings

5.     Take part in conference calls

6.     Assist in organizing campus events

7.     Complete bi-monthly reports

8.     Take part in District and State Lobby Days

9.     Implement statewide campaigns/projects on the campus level     


Application Procedure

1.     Please contact Northern California CFA Field Representative Maureen Loughran, E-mail: Telephone: (858) 337-9886.

2.     Applicants must be prepared to attach an updated Resume to an application with two references