April 29-30, 2003


CFA member lobbyists and students hit the State Capitol halls on Wednesday, to
talk with legislators about the misplaced funding priorities of the CSU
administration.  Gathering together under the theme "Classes for Students, not
Uncontrolled Administrative Spending," nearly 100 activists met with over 80
legislators/legislative staff on CFA's budget and legislative proposals.

At the forefront of their efforts, CFA lobbyists asked legislators for their
help in redirecting the funding priorities of the CSU administration into
support for instruction, libraries and student services.  Specifically, CFA
lobbyists asked legislators to support:

* CFA sponsored budget control language directing the CSU to take specific
action to accommodate anticipated budget cuts, and requiring the CSU to
prioritize the protection of classroom instruction, student services and

* CFA sponsored legislation (AB 1185 - Montanez and AB 1465 - Negrete McLeod)
requiring greater accountability, oversight and transparency in the CSU
budgetary processes and administrative expenditures.  Also discussed was AB
978 (Negrete-McLeod), a CFA bill establishing a process for CSU employees to
elect to pay for coverage to become eligible for the state's Family Leave Act

Many CFA lobbyists gathered Tuesday evening to join in a lively conversation
around the CMS project and hear reports on the media work CFA is completing to
educate local communities about the impact of budget cuts on the local
community.  Participants heard radio clips from four local interviews (Jim
Chopyak in Sacramento, Eloise McQuown in San Francisco, Beau Grosscup in Chico
and Tim O'Keefe in San Luis Obispo) and viewed a news report and excerpts from
the Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) hearing on the state auditor's
findings relative to CMS.

State Controller Steve Westly kicked off the Wednesday morning program by
welcoming students and faculty to Sacramento.  Westly thanked CFA members for
helping elect CFA member George Diehr to the CalPERS Board of Administration
(Westly serves alongside Diehr on the pension board) and underscored the
importance of having CFA lobbyists educating members of the Legislature on
budget solutions for the CSU.  Commenting on the strength of the prison guard
union, which has largely avoided budget cuts to this point, Westly, a former
faculty member, encouraged lobbyists to become more politically active.

Assemblymember Cindy Montanez, author of CFA's AB 1185 administrative
accountability bill, "wowed" the audience by recounting her days of student
activism - including participating in a 14-day hunger strike to protect
funding for ethnic studies - and the need for faculty and students to work
together to bring about educational justice and budget accountability.
Referring to herself as CFA's "soldier" she thanked CFA for allowing her the
opportunity to carry AB 1185 and applauded the CFA members and student
lobbyists working hard work to ensure its passage.

Following the late morning and early afternoon appointments, Lobby Day
participants joined together at the end of the day to share their individual
experiences and report back the progress of their visits.

Here's what some of our member and students lobbyists had to say about their

"[Lobby Day] . . . was a great experience that makes you strive for larger
goals."  (Northridge student lobbyist)

"It's a good event and I feel like we make a difference."  (Chico faculty

"It was educational and interesting."  (San Jose faculty lobbyist)

"I love this process.  Thanks for helping me get involved."  (Northridge
faculty lobbyist)

We also received some very good suggestions on how to improve future lobby
days.  Among the suggestions are allowing more time for issue briefings,
providing more detailed advance materials and more opportunities for
interaction between the various campus delegations.

Thanks everyone for your hard work and important feedback.  Thanks also to our
member and student lobbyists who participated in CFA District Lobby Days in
March.  Legislative leaders need to hear your "stories," and your involvement
and activism will help CFA accomplish its legislative and budget goals. We
look forward to your continued participation in CFA's grassroots efforts,
which will be particularly critical during this era of term-limits and budget

Many thanks to the member and student lobbyists (listed below) who
participated in this important activity.

Channel Islands:  Sigifredo Cruz
Chico:  Charley Turner, Scott Sibary, Greg Tropea, Julie Lewis, Andrew
Cihonski, Catherine Bylo, Michael Hering, Fay Roepcke, Lisa Gannett
Dominguez Hills:  Dave Bradfield, Hamoud Salhi, Sadot Chavez Jr., James
Sudalnik, Belinda Salazar, Jesus Garcia
Fresno:  Bob Merrill, Jennifer Reimer, Jeffrey Allen, Elizabeth Ullrich
Fullerton: G. Nanjundappa, Mougo Nyaggah, Barry Paternack
Hayward:  John Lovell, Julie Norton, Kim Geron
Humboldt:  Caitlin Gill, Marshelle Thobaben, Milt Dobkin, Elizabeth Johnson
Sharon Chadwick, Robin Meiggs
Long Beach:  Bob Winchell, Simon George, Elizabeth Hoffman, Alejandro
Negrete Wayne Dick, Armando Vasquez-Ramos
Los Angeles:  Lil Taiz, Blanca Casteneda, Enrique Bermumen
Maritime Academy:  David Moore, Mark Sekelick
Monterey Bay:  Jim May, Randy Maule
Northridge:  James Ballard, Michael Reagan, Cecile Bendavid, Joseph
Pimentel, Victor Shaw
Pomona:  Norm Nise, Art Sutton, Ram Ronen, Serouji Aprahamian
Sacramento:  John Davis, Stan Oden, Linda Current, Don Nostrant, Jim Chopyak
Michael Fitzgerald, Sylvia Fox, Eric Guerra, Rhonda Rios Kravitz, Arline
Prigoff Ernest Uwazie, Jessie Gaston, Cecil Canton, Art Pimentel, Sylvester
San Bernardino:  Susan Meisenhelder, Shahab Ghalambor, Dorothy Chen-Maynard
San Diego: Mark Wheeler, Christine Ruiz-Goldberg
San Francisco:  Bill Littell, Mitch Turitz, David Abella, Eloise McQuown,
Ann Shadwick, Catherine Powell, Ramon Castelbach
San Jose:  Patricia Sanders, Mike Gorman, Dick Lane, Carolle Carter, Jess
Kitchens, Amy Rocha, Judy Reynolds, Pat Don, Patricia Hill, Terry
Christensen, Isaac Cohen
San Luis Obispo:  Gail Wilson, James Conway, Tim O'Keefe, Clayton Whitt
San Marcos:  Manal Yamout, George Diehr
Sonoma:  Victor Garlin, Debora Hamond, Stephen Dietrich, Steve Wilson, Lisa
Canini, Robert Griling,
California State Student Association:  Art Pimental, Laura Kerr, Bruce
Wolfe, Jose Solache

#                     #                        #