If you have any evidence regarding questionable funding and/or operations of
the CSU's CMS/PeopleSoft computer data project, your help is needed ASAP to
assist an audit currently underway.

In a few months, the California State Auditor is scheduled to complete its
comprehensive audit of the CSU's Common Management System (CMS/PeopleSoft)
computer data project. Begun in 1998, CMS/PeopleSoft is an estimated $400
million project intended to integrate the CSU's human resources, financial
and student administration computer systems.

Unfortunately, the CSU's CMS/PeopleSoft project has lacked state
accountability or oversight measures and has never undergone a cost/benefit
analysis. Additionally, its software has demonstrated a poor performance
history at other U.S. campuses, and the project is likely to cost tens of
millions of dollars more than its $400 million estimate.

In response to a joint request by CFA and CSEA/CSU, the state legislature's
joint audit committee earlier this year unanimously approved an audit of the
CMS/PeopleSoft project. CFA is primarily concerned that since the
legislature has never appropriated funds specifically for CMS/PeopleSoft,
the Chancellor's Office unilaterally directed campuses to use their existing
budgets to fund the huge data system - money that could otherwise be used
for instruction and student services.

If you have any information regarding questionable funding and/or operations
of the CMS/PeopleSoft project, CSU faculty and staff are encouraged to
provide written evidence to the State Auditor: Bureau of State Audits, 555
Capitol Mall, Suite 300, Sacramento CA 95814, Attn: Elaine Howle, Audit Job
#2002-110. To have your information considered during the CMS/PeopleSoft
audit currently underway, complaints should be filed ASAP.

Be prepared to provide documentation and/or detailed information to assist
audit staff. If you have any questions, you may speak with state audit
staff at (916) 445-0255 (ask for the "Audit Division"), or contact CFA
Legislative Director David Hawkins at (916) 441-4848.

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