August 30, 2002

AB 2549 Moves to the Governor's Desk

AB 2549, sponsored by CFA and authored by Assemblyman Joe Nation (D-Sonoma), is headed for Governor Gray Davis' desk and CFA has kicked off a campaign to secure his signature. On Tuesday, the Senate approved the bill on a 22 - 14 vote and yesterday the Assembly concurred on recent Senate amendments by a 53 - 27 vote.

AB 2549 would give CFA the ability to negotiate inclusion in the CalPERS retirement program for part-time lecturers who teach at least 6 weighted teaching units for two consecutive semesters or three consecutive quarters. The bill was recently amended in the Senate so that CFA could bargain the benefit beginning January 1, 2003, but the benefit could not be provided, and therefore no costs could be incurred, until July 1, 2004 at the earliest.

CFA is mailing a postcard in support of AB 2549 to all CFA members. (Additional postcards will be sent to all Chapter Presidents, Lecturer Council Representatives and CFA staff.) Our goal is to deliver over 1,000 postcards to the Governor in the next couple of weeks. It is imperative that these be returned (postage paid is included on the card) to the Government Relations Office as soon as possible. The Governor could act on the bill anytime between now and the end of September.

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