"AB 2549 Approved By Senate Appropriations Committee"
2002 EDITION - Issue No. 25
August 22, 2002


AB 2549 Approved By Senate Appropriations Committee

Yesterday afternoon, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed AB 2549 (Nation) by a vote of 8 - 4. The CFA sponsored legislation would extend CalPERS retirement benefits, subject to collective bargaining, to lecturers that teach 6 weighted teaching units for 3 consecutive semesters or 4 consecutive quarters. In anticipation of the bill receiving final legislative approval, CFA and our "faculty lobbyists" have been working with the Governor's Office to secure Governor Davis' signature. Yesterday, Elizabeth Hoffman (CSU, Long Beach), Craig Flanery (CSU, Los Angeles), Hamoud Salhi (CSU, Dominguez Hills), and Kris Kouri (CSU, Northridge) met with the Governor's Los Angeles Regional Director, Eric Bauman, in an effort to convey the importance of AB 2549. Also, yesterday, Elena Dorabji (CSU, San Jose), Ted Stolze (CSU, Hayward), and Steve Wilson (CSU, Sonoma) met with the Governor's San Francisco Regional Director, Robert Oaks, to lobby for the Governor's signature.

CFA is pushing for final legislative approval early next week and will continue to meet with representatives of the Governor in order to secure his signature. Stay alert for postcards in support of AB 2549. We will need a very quick turnaround, as we intend to present them directly to the Governor.


The California Governor's Conference for Women will be held on Tuesday, September 24, 2002 in Long Beach. Gathering under the Conference's theme - Celebrate the Past, Create the Future - women of all different generations and backgrounds will come together to share their perspectives and words of wisdom.

This year's conference speakers include ABC News reporter Cokie Roberts, activist Mavis Nicholson Leno, researcher and surgeon Dr. Susan Love, and lecturer and educator Dr. Bertice Berry. Another sold out event is expected with over 10,000 women in attendance.

Last year, CFA representatives used the conference to network and collect over 1,200 signatures in support of CFA's efforts to protect the quality of education at the CSU. The conference was fun and informative, and the overwhelming support from women across-the-state on our issues was inspiring to those in attendance.

This year we will be campaigning for passage of Proposition 47, the education bond initiative appearing on the November ballot. We will be inviting women CSU Board of Trustee members to join our effort.

CFA has twenty tickets available for CFA women interested and committed to working the crowd with your fellow colleagues. Our work begins at approximately 6:30 am and concludes by 6:30 pm (a long day, but truly rewarding). Overnight accommodations will be provided.

If you are interested in representing CFA at this important and fun event, please send an email to the CFA Government Relations Office at ; please also indicate if you are able to work the entire day or a portion thereof.


President George Bush announced that he would be attending fundraisers this week on behalf of GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon. With all the trouble and negative press that Simon has received after his family's business was found guilty of corporate fraud, it had been rumored that Bush might decline - to avoid any perceived conflicts with his "anti-corporate corruption" campaign.

As the state budget deadlock continues, numerous local agencies providing services to disabled, low-income and seniors are facing possible closures. State vendors are also not being paid, and many of small businesses could be forced to file for bankruptcy if a budget isn't passed soon. There has been some discussion of approving a temporary stopgap measure to assist various agencies and pay some of the state's accrued bills - a move supported by Assembly Republican leader Dave Cox. However, Governor Gray Davis is opposed to any temporary measures arguing the "solution to the problem is to break the budget impasse, not break the budget up into little pieces."

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