2002 EDITION - Issue No. 16
June 14, 2002



The Legislature will fail to meet its June 15th constitutional
deadline for passing a state budget. After meeting into the late
evening and early morning hours this week to try and develop a
2002-03 budget proposal for the legislature (AB 1777 - Oropeza),
the Joint Legislative Budget Conference Committee adjourned for
the weekend early Friday.

Although the committee resolved the state's largest general fund
spending issue - $31.3 billion of Proposition 98 funds for K-12
schools - numerous expenditure issues remain unresolved. The
committee has yet to begin discussions to decide the amount of
new revenues that will be needed to balance the state's $26
billion deficit and provide a sufficient budget reserve, and
whether the revenue increases will be in the form of tax and fee
increases or loans - a financial need currently estimated to be
at least $3.5 billion. The CSU could become one of the most
vulnerable agencies for additional cuts if legislators decide not
to increase state revenues.

As of this week, the CSU budget has only been cut an additional
$5 million from the Governor's May Revise budget (the $4 million
advertising budget for Cal Teach was eliminated, retaining a $2
million base budget; and $1.1 million was deleted from the
Community Service Learning program). And even though the
Committee approved a recent action by the CSU Board of Trustees
to increase non-resident fees by 15 percent, no action was taken
to increase resident student fees.

The bulk of CSU's budget cuts have been directed at categorical
programs, thus avoiding large across the board reductions in
instruction and student service programs. CFA continues to
advocate for increased oversight measures for the CSU, including
its sponsored budget language directing the CSU to account for
its faculty compensation expenditures.


CFA's San Francisco Chapter continues to lead our effort to raise
money for George Diehr, CFA's candidate for the California Public
Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) Board of Administration.
George, Chapter President of the CFA San Marcos Chapter and Chair
of CFA's Contract Development/Bargaining Strategy Committee, is
running for the "state active" Board seat in the mail ballot
election being held from August 19, 2002-September 30, 2002.

Each chapter has been asked to raise at least $500.  San Francisco leads by
raising nearly 60% of their total goal.  Other chapters are well on their
way to meeting this goal as well (see list below).  Some of our smaller
campuses (Hayward, San Bernardino) deserve extra recognition from having to
draw from a smaller pool of faculty.  In total, CFA has collected over

It's not too late to send in your checks!  Checks should be made
payable to "George Diehr for CalPERS Board" and mailed to the
Government Relations Office at 400 CAPITOL MALL, SUITE 1950,

We've heard that some chapters are waiting until they meet their
goal to mail their checks.  Please, do not hold onto checks and
mail immediately whatever you have collected to date!

Thanks to all of you who have made this fundraising drive a


On Thursday, June 6th, CFA member Rolf Schulze, from CSU, San
Diego addressed a panel chaired by Senator Dede Alpert, at the
San Diego regional hearing.  Rolf was joined at the hearing by
fellow CFA members Jane Carney, Rebecca Meyer, Rich Gibson, and
Joyce Abrams, all of CSU, San Diego and Kara Kornher and Margaret
Crowdes of CSU, San Marcos.  On the following day, Craig Flanery
of CSU, Los Angeles provided testimony at an L.A. regional
hearing chaired by Senator Kevin Murray.  Craig was joined at the
hearing by Wayne Bishop also of CSU, Los Angeles and Lynne Cook
of CSU, Northridge.  Thank you to all of our "member lobbyists".
Your efforts are critical to our efforts regarding the master

In addition to member participation in the regional hearings, CFA
will also have board members participating in the two remaining
hearings at the State Capitol.  On June 18th, CFA President Susan
Meisenhelder will be testifying on the topic of affordability and
on July 2nd, Eloise McQuown, Chair of CFA the Legislative
Committee, will testify during the hearing on general comments
regarding the master plan.

Further regional hearings are currently scheduled for the
locations listed below.  CFA will be calling on local members to
represent us at these district hearings.

1)	June 21, 2002, 10am - noon at the Santa Clara County Office of Education
2)	June 21, 2002, 10am - 1pm at CSU, Fresno (Satellite Student Union)
3)	June 27, 2002, 6pm - 8pm at the College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita
4)	June 27, 2002, 4pm - 6pm at Manhattan Beach Middle School, Manhattan Beach
5)	June 28, 2002, 2pm - 4pm at CSU, Sonoma (Person Theater)
6)	June 28, 2002, 9am - noon at the Orange County Department of Education
7)	June 28, 2002, 2pm - 4pm at CSU, Bakersfield (Business Development Ctr.)
8)	June 28, 2002, 3pm - 7pm at Pasadena City College (Harbeson Hall)

For more information on these hearings visit the Master Plan's
webpage at or contact CFA's GR office
at (916) 441-4848.



Chapter              Total Raised              % of Goal

San Francisco           $300                    60%
San Jose                $225                    45%
Humboldt                $225                    45%
Hayward                 $220                    44%
San Diego               $210                    42%
Dominguez Hills         $195                    39%
Long Beach              $175                    35%
San Bernardino          $165                    33%
Pomona                  $125                    25%
Los Angeles             $120                    24%
Northridge              $100                    20%
San Marcos              $100                    20%
Stanislaus              $100                    20%
Sonoma                  $075                    15%
San Luis Obispo         $050                    10%
Chico                   $030                    06%
Fullerton               $030                    06%
Fresno                  $030                    06%

#                      #                     #