2002 EDITION, Issue No. 6
March 22, 2002


CFA LOBBY DAYS #2 - APRIL 15-16, 2002 - DON'T MISS IT!

Preparations are underway for CFA's Lobby Days #2 being held in
Sacramento on April 15-16.  Under the theme, "Standing up for the
CSU - Protecting our Mission" CFA member lobbyists and students
will talk with legislators about CFA budget proposals and
legislation to enhance our instructional and student service

Lobby Days will be held at the Capitol Plaza Holiday Inn, 300 J
Street, Sacramento.  In preparation for this important event, we
ask chapters to do the following:

* Names of participants should be forwarded to the GRO
immediately.  This information should be e-mailed or phoned to
Kim Cheney at or 916/441-4848 as soon as

* Make reservations now for overnight accommodations by
contacting Kim in the GRO.  CFA will pay the cost of overnight
stays in double rooms.

* Make airline reservations through Atlas Travel
(1-800-952-0120).  Indicate you are with CFA and will be
attending the CFA Lobby Day.  CFA will cover travel costs.

* Make appointments to meet with your local legislators or staff
members.  Contact the GRO if you need assistance in identifying
your chapter's legislative assignments.  To take full advantage
of all Lobby Day activities, appointments should be scheduled on
Tuesday, April 16 between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm


On April 26, the Senate Education Committee will begin
deliberations on SB 1450 (Romero), CFA's "50%" legislation.  CFA
introduced this bill in light of research indicating that the CSU
instructional budget has declined dramatically over the last ten
years from 53.4% in 1990-91 to 41% in 2000-2001.  SB 1450
requires that 50% of the CSU budget be spent on instructional
programs. The bill will be amended prior to the hearing to define
"instruction" and to ensure that monies used to fund the 50%
requirement are not taken from areas of the budget related to
instructional or counseling programs, student services, libraries
or health and safety.

AB 2549 (Nation), CFA's bill to allow CSU lecturers teaching a 40
percent (half-time) load to be eligible for CalPERS retirement
benefits, will be heard in the Assembly Public Employees,
retirement and Social Security Committee sometime before April


By a 71-6 vote, the State Assembly yesterday approved a
multi-billion dollar bond measure that would be voted on by state
voters. The $25 billion bond, the largest in state history, would
place $13 billion in bonds on the November ballot, and another
$12.3 billion on the ballot in March 2004. A total of $4.6
billion would be earmarked for public higher education, with 40
percent being allocated to community colleges, and the California
State University and University of California systems receiving
30 percent each.  The measure, AB 16 (Hertzberg) must still gain
approval from the Senate and Governor Davis.

#         #         #