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February 14, 2005



Mr. Samuel Strafaci

Assistant Vice Chancellor of

  Human Resources

The California State University

401 Golden Shore

Long Beach, CA 90802-4210                                                              Sent via Fax, Email and Mail


Dear Mr. Strafaci:


On behalf of the California Faculty Association, I am pleased to provide you with the Union's initial proposals for a successor collective bargaining agreement to commence July 1, 2005. To meet the previous public notice schedule established by the Trustees, these proposals are being provided to you by Fax and email today, and will also be sent to you by U.S. Mail.


It is our understanding that the total public notice process requires approximately one month to complete. The Union will be ready to begin negotiations at that time and is prepared to discuss the logistics for the bargaining process whenever you are ready.


Before closing, I'd like to offer a few general comments on our proposals and a suggestion for getting started on a positive note. 


Our proposals are the product of a lengthy survey and meeting process and all of them reflect faculty sentiment around many important issues such as salaries, workload, the grievance system and language problems related to temporary faculty.  I'm sure you realize salary issues have become critical.  Many top step faculty have been denied regular and adequate increases for years, while junior members of the professorate have experienced the squeeze of salary compression because of external and internal competition.  Second, increased burdens of workload have affected nearly every member of Unit Three: larger class sizes, additional governance responsibilities, additional research burdens, heavier advising/counseling, etc.  Moreover, as CFA has explained to the Board of Trustees, we have a grievance system that has become dysfunctional:  long delays to resolutions for faculty who have legitimate complaints, and expensive settlements for an administration that have to divert important resources away from instruction and student needs.  Finally, there are numerous technical problems with the language dealing with temporary faculty issues that have emerged over the past several contracts that must be clarified.  These are only a few of the critical issues we look forward to discussing in the upcoming negotiations.

Mr. Strafaci

February 14, 2005

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Last year we requested that you consider refraining from the past practice of adding up the cost of every CFA opening proposal, inflating them by making the most costly assumptions possible, and flooding the campuses with the total estimated cost as through it were proof of our unreasonableness.  As you know, last year we reached an agreement with a minimum of animosity, and for the first time anyone can recall, without reaching an impasse that required invoking the mediation and fact-finding procedures.  We are sure you will agree this should be our goal for this round of successor negotiations as well.  To increase the chances we will be able to start as positively as last year, we again ask for this restraint on your part. 


Please call if there are any questions or clarifications that could help move us to the bargaining table as soon as possible.


Yours truly,


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01


John Travis

CFA President






Enclosure:  Public Notice Contract Proposals of the CFA for a Successor Collective Bargaining Agreement