Public Notice Contract Proposals of the California Faculty Association for a Successor Collective Bargaining Agreement

Effective July 1, 2005


Article 1 Recognition

1) Create and include in Unit 3 a new SSP-AR training classification

2) Re-write Recognition clause and associated side agreement to reflect current state of the law and bargaining unit determinations in regard to student-employees

3) Affirm status of athletic trainers as Unit 3 members

Article 2 Definitions

4) Clarify that the phrase "temporary faculty" as used throughout the contract includes all librarians, coaches and counselors holding temporary appointments unless specified to the contrary

Article 6 Union Rights

5) Allow for unlimited union leave reimbursable by CFA (to the department providing release time) at cost equal to the minimum base cost of replacement

6) Specify that union leave for lecturers does not reduce contractual entitlements and is in addition to entitlement time base

Article 10 Grievance Procedure

7) Guarantee timely hearing of faculty grievances including through arbitration

8) Implement SB 1212 as a faculty grievance procedure option

9) Expand pool of arbitrators and provide for mid-contract replacement when necessary

10) Provide that the party losing an arbitration be required to pay the cost of the proceeding

11) Improve timely access to information needed for the processing of grievances

12) Provide for the payment of interest in monetary cases where hearings and decisions are delayed beyond 6 months from filing to arbitration

13) Establish penalties for repeat violations

Article 12 Appointments

14) Clarify exclusions from "preference for work" provisions

15) Create a standardized lecturer employment contract for use on all campuses

16) Allow for compensated employment at the 16 WTU level

17) Apply "similar assignment" concept to full-time lecturer appointments and make the concept applicable on quarter campuses after two consecutive quarters

18) Specify that incumbent lecturers with contingent appointments for 6 WTUs or more on quarter campuses are “normally” appointed for at least two consecutive quarters.

19) Implement ACR-73 language providing that qualified lecturers will be seriously considered for tenure-track appointments, establishing an interview requirement at a minimum

20) Clarify 3-year appointment language to ensure at least one zero time base appointment in fourth year if no work is available

21) Add detail to range elevation process including a set date for the commencement and conclusion of the process with payment of salary increases resulting from range elevation effective with the beginning of the next academic year

22) Eliminate "temporary-temporary" work concept as found in the preference for work arbitration award

23) Require that any appeal process resulting from the denial of range elevation be complete within 3 months of the appeal

24) Delete 12.3 requirement for consecutive appointments at quarter campuses to establish similar assignment rights

Article 15 Evaluations

25) Ensure that evaluation criteria are appropriate to the actual work assignment

26) Reduce evaluation cycle for three-year appointed lecturers

27) Clarify timelines for the commencement of the evaluation process and require that any criteria or procedure to be used must be provided the faculty member before commencement of process or not used

28) Clarify the role of temporary and probationary faculty in the evaluation process.

29) Increase rebuttal period in evaluation process

30) Require advance notice of classroom visitations and consultation between evaluator and the faculty member being evaluated

31) Standardize number of classes to be evaluated in each cycle

Article 20 Workload

32) Establish 10/12 work plan for Counselors on a par with that provided librarians

33) Establish specific, mandatory minimum workload credit for class sizes above normal limits

34) Require that any teaching assignment be accompanied by indirect instructional workload credit

35) Provide a department-based system to allow for the award of indirect instructional credit for tenure-track faculty to recognize their research, scholarship, and creative activity obligations

36) Reduce student/faculty ratio

37) Require departmental faculty election of department chairs

38) Require reporting of workload data on a regular basis according to SRL categories for 11/1/04

Article 21 Summer Session

39) Re-write article to reflect YRO and YRO arbitration decisions and prevent involuntary assignments to summer session work

Article 22 Leave of Absence Without Pay

40) Remove restrictions on LWOP for temporary faculty


Article 23 Leaves with Pay

41) Increase bereavement leave

42) Increase maternity/paternity leave

Article 24 Sick Leave

43) Increase catastrophic leave donation maximum to 32 hours per year

Article 26 Fee Waiver

44) Expand temporary faculty access to fee waiver

45) Provide for the complete waiver of local campus fees

 Article 27 Sabbatical Leaves

46) Increase number of guaranteed sabbatical leaves above 1991-92 levels according to the growth of the CSU faculty between then and now

47) Allow for temporary faculty sabbaticals on same basis as tenure-track faculty using a full-time equivalent approach

Article 29 FERP

48) Allow temporary faculty with 7 or more years of full-time or full-time equivalent service to participate in the FERP program

49) Include Counselors in the FERP program

 Article 31 Salary (and related salary schedule appendices)

50) Provide a guaranteed General Salary Increase (GSI) for each year of the successor contract

51) Simplify the Unit 3 salary system to make it readily understandable and to make it easy to consistently administrate. [CFA will discuss its ideas as part of the Joint Salary Committee]

52) Provide 7% department chair stipend increases for 12-month department chairs where such increases have not already been awarded; Develop definitions of appropriate responsibilities and compensation formulas by time-base and appointment (AY and 12-month) for department chairs. Include coordinators, directors, etc. in the chair compensation program

53) Expand market/equity adjustment program to include lecturers

54) Address salary compression issues at the assistant professor level

55) Remove contractual references to merit pay

56) Develop long-term program to narrow or eliminate CPEC salary gaps by rank

57) Provide non-GSI salary increases beyond current SSI maximums for all faculty, librarians, coaches and counselors who have reached their SSI maximums

58) Remove/revise current SSI maximums

59) Increase the number and value of SSIs

60) Eliminate Lecturer L pay range and the lowest 3 steps of the A pay range to provide for an appropriate “living wage"

61) Allow lecturers to bank "excess" WTUs for range SSI and range elevation and accumulate such credits across all campuses where the lecturer is employed

62) July 1, 2005 effective date for 2005-06 pay increases regardless of the date of contract settlement

63) Notify each unit member of current step, salary, and SSI eligibility (where applicable) at least once each academic year

64) Require a salary premium for "late" lecturer assignment occurring after a specified cut off point tied to the beginning of classes

65) Restore SSI award dates to eligibility date

Article 32 Benefits

66) Provide health benefits to all part-time Unit 3 members working a 40% time base

67) Provide reimbursement for licensure fee and expenses of continuing education requirements where required of faculty as part of their job assignment

68) Freeze faculty parking rates and access guarantees at current levels. Establish a CSU Parking Authority governed by parking consumers to manage all CSU parking operations

69) Include language from YRO Arbitration Award specifying that work performed in any State-supported term (YRO summer, Summer Quarter, or Summer Extension) qualifies for all benefit purposes

70) Implement AB 2549 now without regard to a budget trigger

71) Provide necessary legal and financial assistance to international faculty to meet legal residency requirements for continued employment

Article 33 Holidays

72) Allow faculty member to use her/his personal holiday on a day of her/his choosing

Article 38

73) Require that "lack of funds" or "lack of work" be factually established as the antecedent to layoff

74) Provide recall rights for 3-year appointed lecturers

75) Establish seniority requirement within lecturer cohorts (e.g. three-year appointees, one-year appointees, etc.

76) Increase layoff notice periods

77) Allow for zero time base appointments as an option to layoff


78) Include a comprehensive contracting out clause in the collective bargaining agreement

79) Add Summer and YRO references throughout

80) Guarantee continued email access at end of appointment