Side-by-Side Comparison of
CFA and CSU Sunshine Proposals

February 2003



Article 20 - Workload (CFA) Article 20 - Workload (CSU)
  • Require that 1700 tenure-track searches are conducted in Fiscal Year 2003-2004 in the context of ACR 73 goals, including protection of currently employed lecturers and including specific remedy language if CSU fails to meet this obligation (Article 20.33)

  • Establish a joint CFA/CSU Workload Task Force to prepare for implementation of the recommendations of the CFA/CSU/ASC Workload Study Group calling for workload comparability with CPEC institutions and stability of lecturer employment (Article 20.37)

  • Allow lecturers to work, for pay, up to 16 WTUs per semester/quarter when greater than 15 WTUs is necessary for a lecturer to obtain a 1.0 time base (Article 20.3)

  • Provide specified workload relief for all faculty teaching large classes (Article 20.3)

  • Allow counselors the option of a 10/12 work plan on a basis similar to that provided librarians (Article 20.16-.24)

  • (TBA)

Article 31 - Salary (CFA) Article 31 - Salary (CSU)
  • Provide a General Salary Increase [GSI] based on the Consumer Price Index sufficient to maintain real faculty income at its June 30, 2003 level (Article 31.22)

  • Increase the Service Salary Step [SSI] maximum for each rank to the CPEC comparable institution average salary for each rank (Appendix C). Actual award of SSIs to be based on availability of budget

  • Establish a "most favored nations" clause guaranteeing that faculty will receive salary increases no lower than the highest raises provided to CSU MPP and Executive employee groups

  • Establish salary structure parity among full professors, librarians, and counselors [SSP-AR III] (Article 31.1)

  • Allow for the campus-wide accumulation of WTU credits toward lecturer SSI movement (Article 31)

  • Allow unused lecturer WTU credits [applicable to SSI movement] to be carried over from academic year to academic year until 24 units are reached and an SSI paid (Article 31.12 d)

  • Increase the 12-month department chair stipend by 7% for those who have not already received such an increase (Article 31.25)

  • Allow department chair equivalents to be paid as an appropriate mix of an academic year and 12-month salaries [thus making all of their salary PERSable] (Article 31.28)

  • Compensate lecturers for service and governance activities (Article 31.28)

  • (TBA)

Article 32 - Benefits (CFA) Article 32 - Benefits (CSU)
  • Implement AB 2549 in 2005 [lecturer PERS time-base change] (Article 32.26)

  • Provide additional health care assistance for employees at SLO, MB, HSU, and Chico as well as other employees who may, in the future, experience restricted health care availability (Article 32.1)

  • Implement "pre tax" payment of parking fees and commuter fares (Article 32.24)

  • Set Non-industrial Disability Insurance [NDI] at the same level provided MPPs (Article 32.25)

  • Modify vision care benefit so that it applies equally to eye glasses and contacts (Article 32.10 a)

  • Make direct payroll deposit available to all unit members (Article 32.27)

  • Improve benefit communications including notice of available sick leave hours on each pay check stub, detailed benefit eligibility information for lecturers, and a reformatted contract benefit article (Article 32.1-.29)

  • (TBA)

Article 40 - Year-Round Operation (CFA) Article 40 - Year-Round Operation (CSU)
  • Require that all incumbent CSU faculty appointed to work in a State-funded YRO program be appointed in the same rank, classification, and salary step as applicable during other periods of their employment (Article 40.3)

  • Insure that all provisions of the MOU apply equally to YRO (Article 40.4)

  • Allow YRO appointed faculty the option of receiving their YRO compensation as part of their PERSable base salary by stating their total earnings as an appropriate mix of an academic year and 12-month appointment (Article 40.5)

  • Prohibit involuntary YRO appointments (Article 40.6)

  • (TBA)