Side-by-Side Comparison of CFA and CSU Sunshine Proposals



Article 31 - Salary (CFA) Article 31 - Salary (CSU)
Account for each salary dollar appropriated by the State for CSU faculty salaries.

Require that each appropriated salary and salary increase dollar be spent on faculty salaries.

Devote existing base budget dollars to reducing CPEC salary lag.

Lift current salary cap on librarian and counselor faculty salaries.

Pay counselor faculty on teaching and librarian faculty salary scale.

Use cost-of-living factors in the calculation of faculty pay increases.

Require payment of market rate interest on all delayed salary payments.

Compensate faculty for all overloads whether voluntary or not.
Negotiate appropriate general salary increase.
Establish salary rates for State-funded YRO appointments. Modify to accomplish year-round operations as necessary
Lift full professor SSI salary limit.

Increase the percentage value of SSIs.
Fund SSIs from base budget, not salary increase appropriations.

Allow accumulation of WTU credit toward SSI eligibility on a campus wide rather than departmental basis.

Allow "banking" of excess WTU credits for future SSI eligibility determination.

Provide step increases for mid-year appointees.
Negotiate appropriate service salary increases. Clarify that Faculty Activity Report is required for award of service salary increases. Limit of 1 SSI per year for lecturers
Eliminate FMI. Continue merit pay program for each year of the new contract.
Increase department chair stipends and extend them to faculty serving in the capacity of a "chair" without holding a department chair classification code. Increase Department Chair Stipends
Dollar-based compensation bargaining.

Establish appropriate distance learning compensation mechanisms.

Provide centralized funding (not department-based funding) for all pay increases due temporary employees.

Transmit unit salary data to CFA in electronic form and information about individual calculations and formulas used to each faculty member.

Provide a spreadsheet accounting to faculty each time salary payments are changed.
Article 32 - Benefits (CFA) Article 32 - Benefits (CSU)
Expand IRS Section 132(f) program to include parking as a tax-free benefit. Negotiate parking fee increase as necessary and explore pre-tax parking fee accounts.
Administer all employee benefit programs to ensure that all employees and their dependents, including spouses and domestic partners are treated equally.

Provide dental, vision care, and life insurance at level equivalent to the most generous benefits provided any other CSU employees.

Provide PERS Long-Term Care at no cost to the employees.

Reimburse the difference between the cost of medically required hearing aids and the amount of assistance provided through PERS health insurance.
Include domestic partners in definition of spouse for family and medical care leave, to be consistent with other CSU programs
Clarify that YRO work will be credited toward benefit eligibility. Modify to accomplish year-round operations as necessary.
Implement statutory health insurance eligibility for part-time employees.

Provide a rural health care subsidy for faculty teaching at campuses where no HMO coverage is available.
Revise to be current. Clarify that governed by PERS, which may make changes during the life of the Agreement. Provide language on how to charge sick leave for employees who are part-time.
Make affordable housing available to all faculty

Establish current benefit levels for all insurances as a "floor."

Establish a program where faculty would be able to chose benefits that would best suit their needs.

Provide childcare accommodation and subsidies for faculty.

Increase flex-cash program.

Establish definition of emeritus faculty that includes all faculty Unit 3 employees.

Provide an employee assistance program.
Article 34 - Vacation (CFA) Article 34 - Vacation (CSU)
Section 34.7: Require at least 2 weeks vacation be taken per year by 12month faculty.
Article 35 - Outside Employment (CFA) Article 35 - Outside Employment (CSU)
New Section: Clarify that faculty may not use their position for personal advantage in outside employment

Section 35.2: Add mandatory prior approval of outside employment, and prohibition against conflict of interest with CSU employment.
Article 36: Additional Employment (CFA) Article 36: Additional Employment (CSU)
Section 36.4: Revise overload to include both salary and timebase

Section 36.5: Revise 25% overload rule if necessary for year-round operations.
Appendix C: Salary Schedules (CFA) Appendix C: Salary Schedules (CSU)
Remove steps from salary schedule, as faculty are no longer paid pursuant to step schedule. Add Research Fellow classification salary range. Increase salary maximum for Grant Related Instructional Faculty and change name to more accurately reflect duties of this classification.
Article 25 - Professional Development (CFA) Article 25 - Professional Development (CSU)
Provide contractually dedicated funding from campus funds for travel to professional conferences.

Establish specific, campus-funded "mini grant" program for faculty initiated projects.
Article 26 - Fee Waiver(CFA) Article 26 - Fee Waiver (CSU)
Expand fee waiver program participants and benefits.
Article 27: Sabbatical Leaves (CFA) Article 27: Sabbatical Leaves (CSU)
Sections 27.5-27.7: Include department chair and dean in process for evaluating sabbatical leave proposals.
Article 28: Difference in Pay Leaves (CFA) Article 28: Difference in Pay Leaves (CSU)
Eliminate Difference in Pay Leaves
Article 39 - Intellectual Property (CFA) Article 39 - Intellectual Property (CSU)
Strengthen faculty intellectual property rights.
Article 10 - Grievance Procedures (CFA) Article 10 - Grievance Procedures (CSU)
Provide for the resolution of all outstanding arbitration demands within 12 months of the signing of a new agreement.

Require the expedited handling of certain categories of grievances.

Establish mechanisms that guarantee that all newly filed arbitration demands result in a hearing within 6 months of the demand.
Prohibit award of tenure, promotion or retention by arbitrators in faculty status cases.
Article 11 - Personnel Files (CFA) Article 11 - Personnel Files (CSU)
Establish a unique faculty identifier that is not the Social Security Number (SSN) - the SSN shall not be used as a faculty identifier.
Section 11.6: Clarify that classroom visitations that result in written peer reviews are included under this provision.
Article 12 - Appointment (CFA) Article 12 - Appointment (CSU)
Provide procedures for the proper appointment of new and continuing teaching, librarian, and counselor faculty for Year-Round Operations (YRO) programs.

Establish an appropriate ratio of tenure-track to temporary employees on each CSU campus.
Modify to accomplish year-round operations as necessary.
Strengthen due process protections for long-term temporary employees facing loss of employment.

Establish specific procedures to facilitate the conversion of qualified, long-term employees to tenure-track positions.

Require that all "for-credit" direct instruction be conducted by Unit 3 employees.

Specify faculty ownership of their intellectual property in appointments.

Establish appropriate use of graduate students in the classroom.

Provide 2-year letters for part-time coaches.
Allow that full-time temporary appointments may be conditional
Provide notice of careful consideration rights to all campus lecturers.

Provide multi-term contracts that are renewed 18 months before expiration for lecturers.

Establish uniform language for lecturer appointment letters concerning dates of service and conditions of employment.

Provide CFA with a list of lecturer appointments by the fourth week of the academic term, including time-base and contract length.

Provide full-time lecturers who are not reappointed full time with an entitlement of part-time work.
Clarify that timeframe for careful consideration is the academic year following the last appointment.
Clarify requirements for lecturer range elevation. Amend range elevation appeals process
Clarify calculation of the 24 semester units or equivalent for eligibility for service salary increases (SSI).

Provide for more reasonable appointment timelines for lecturers.

Provide presumption of continuing employment for long-term lecturers.
Change lecturer SSI eligibility to completion of 36 units.
Allow probationary faculty to serve on search committees for probationary positions.
Article 13: Probation and Tenure (CFA) Article 13: Probation and Tenure (CSU)
Sections 13.3, 13.17 Delete outdated probationary period language for counselors in 13.3 and 13.17.

Sections 13.7, 22.8, 22.25: Clarify articles 13 and 22 in the case of leaves without pay for probationary faculty and extending the probationary period
Article 15 - Evaluation (CFA) Article 15 - Evaluation (CSU)
Require that administrative recommendations/decisions based on evaluative processes include specific statements substantiating the recommendation based on identified evaluative criteria.

Provide option of committee evaluation for part-time lecturers.
Section 15.29: Clarify that periodic evaluation of tenured faculty includes the full range of the faculty member's assignment.
Article 16 - Non-discrimination (CFA) Article 16 - Non-discrimination (CSU)
Strengthen the non-discrimination clause. Clarify non-discrimination language as necessary
Article 19: Disciplinary Action Procedure (CFA) Article 19: Disciplinary Action Procedure (CSU)
Section 19.10b: Change time period to appeal to State Personnel Board from 20 days to 30 days to conform to revised Education Code Language.
Article 20 - Workload (CFA) Article 20 - Workload (CSU)
Establish appropriate student/faculty ratios for all unit 3 faculty.

Provide specific workload credit for such activities as supervising student teachers and graduate theses, large class sizes, librarian and counselor teaching assignments, advising and mentoring of students, distance learning situations, and additional assigned duties.

Provide release time for research.

Eliminate disparate workload calculations based solely on job classification.

Reduce teaching loads.

Establish that the normal standard for all Unit 3 faculty is to participate in and receive workload credit for departmental service.
Section 20.16, 20.17, 20.20: Clarify that 10/12 pay plan participation is subject to administrative approval.

Section 20.30: Clarify which department faculty particpate in recommending department chair selections

(YRO): Clarify language for year-round operations, including salary, academic year, workload additional employment, etc.

(YRO): Summer work in year-round operations should not release a faculty member from committee responsibilities fall and spring.
Article 23 - Leaves of Absence With Pay (CFA) Article 23 - Leaves of Absence With Pay (CSU)
Expand maternity/paternity leave.

Expand bereavement leave.
Article 29 - Faculty Early Retirement Program (CFA) Article 29 - Faculty Early Retirement Program (CSU)
Establish FERP eligibility at age 50.

Guarantee continuation of FERP.

Provide counselors with access to FERP program.
Reduce duration of FERP
FERP's who work both semesters may serve on RTP committees.

Sections 29.8-9: Increase FERP maximum 90-day option up to 960 hours, which is the PERS limit.

New Section: Modify to accomplish year-round operations as necessary
Article 30 - Pre-Retirement Reduction in Time Base Program (CFA) Article 30 - Pre-Retirement Reduction in Time Base Program (CSU)
Section 30.11: Eliminate Pre-Retirement Reduction in Time Base Program.

Clarify that reduced timebase employment beyond the 5 years in PRTB earns service credit at the reduced timebase rate.
Article 38 Layoff (CFA) Article 38 Layoff (CSU)
Require objective tests to establish the need for layoff.

Establish job retention preference for 2-year appointed temporary employees over temporary employees with appointments of lesser duration.
Article 1 - Recognition (CFA) Article 1 - Recognition (CSU)
Section 1.4: Remove coaches at Division I schools from the bargaining unit.
Article 2 - Definitions (CFA) Article 2 - Definitions (CSU)
Redefine "casual employment employee" to eliminate abuses.
New Section: Add definitions for "year" and "academic year" which will require revision in context of year-round operations.
Article 6 - CFA Rights (CFA) Article 6 - CFA Rights (CSU)
Expand CFA release time and resolve ambiguities concerning cost and entitlement.

Provide for CFA office space on a par with that provided the Academic Senate.

Provide for CFA email access comparable to that for the administration.
Require CFA to reimburse CSU for all CFA related assigned time and other expenses.
Other Items (CFA) Other Items (CSU)
Throughout the contract extend all rights and privileges accorded to spouses to domestic partners

Establish parity for counselors in all sections of the contract.

Provide appropriate workspace and resources for all Unit 3 faculty members.

Clarify the definition of Casual employees (2.6)